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FTCC's History

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FTCC enjoys a rich history that began as a result of a vision shared by concerned business leaders in Cumberland County who recognized the need for a local institution to provide job training for area industries and educational opportunities for high school graduates and adult learners. From that vision and through the perseverance of those leaders, the Fayetteville Area Industrial Education Center (IEC) was established in 1961. In 1963, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill creating the statewide Community College System, and from this opportunity in that same year, the Fayetteville Area Industrial Education Center became known as Fayetteville Technical Institute (FTI). In January 1988, the name of the college changed to Fayetteville Technical Community College to broaden and enhance the public image of technical and vocational postsecondary education.

FTCC has enjoyed much success and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 under the leadership of its current President, Dr. J. Larry Keen. From its humble beginnings with two buildings (Lafayette Hall and Horace Sisk) to its current 130-acre Fayetteville campus plus outlying educational centers, FTCC has grown not only in numbers of buildings and acreage but also in student enrollment. In addition to the central Fayetteville campus, FTCC offers students the option of being served by the Spring Lake campus (2004), the Fort Bragg Center (which offers convenient access to classes for military students) (1974), the Horticulture Educational Center (2006), and the Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Center (2015). The General Classroom Building was completed in 2012 to allow expansion of student support services. The General Classroom Building is also home to the All American Veterans Center established in 2014. FTCC is a proud partner with the North Carolina Military Business Center, whose headquarters is housed at the Fayetteville campus.

A new program with Caliber Collision, Changing Lanes, held its first graduation in 2017 through Transition Tech, a program to help soldiers transitioning from military service to civilian life. The Changing Lanes program is the first in the country to provide active duty service members with training and employment opportunities in the collision repair industry prior to their transition from the military. Also In 2017, FTCC established the FTCC Educational Center in downtown Fayetteville (225 B Street) where Adult Basic Education and other Corporate and Continuing Education programs and classes are held. FTCC also established the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship inside the General Classroom Building, offering the Six Steps to Success program to assist entrepreneurs with business startup process strategies. The Horticulture Educational Center was re-named as the Wesley A. Meredith Horticulture Educational Center. Meredith, an avid supporter of North Carolina’s community colleges, is an FTCC graduate of the Horticulture Technology program who succeeded in becoming an entrepreneur in addition to representing North Carolina’s 19th Cumberland County District as Senator.

FTCC serves approximately 37,000 students annually through its various Curriculum and Corporate & Continuing Education opportunities. What began as a vision over fifty years ago evolved into what is perceived by many as the pillar of the community in Cumberland County. Through the school’s motto, education for life, FTCC offers more than value and a good education; it offers hope to all who seek education in response to the changing demands often experienced throughout life. More detailed, chronological information about the history of FTCC can be found in the Board of Trustees Orientation Manual.

FTCC is recognized as a Military-Friendly School®. As part of its mission to plan and apply all operations with sustainability at the forefront, FTCC is recognized by Sustainable Sandhill’s of North Carolina as the first local college to be certified as green. FTCC is designated as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs approved college by Victory Media, creator of STEM Job resources for the second consecutive year. For the fourth consecutive year, FTCC is ranked 2nd in the nation by Military Times for Best for Vets: Career & Technical Colleges in 2016. In 2015, FTCC was ranked by Community College Week Magazine as 4th in the nation with an enrollment growth of 7.2% in the segment of 10,000 or more students and ranked 4th in the nation by the Digital Community Colleges Survey recognizing innovative uses of technology to achieve a first-rate student learning environment. FTCC is recognized as a top school for best practices in military and veteran education by Military Advanced Education’s (MAE) Guide to Colleges and Universities.

For a more complete history of FTCC, view the FTCC Fact Book

FTCC's Mission & Goals


“Serve our community as a learning-centered institution to build a globally competitive workforce supporting economic development”

Approved by the FTCC Board of Trustees: February 16, 2009
Last Reaffirmed: February 20, 2017

Institutional Goals – 2015-2020
  1. Respond to student and community needs through measurable goals.
  2. Establish a culture of quality customer service.
  3. Ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability, and financial stability.
  4. Focus on workforce preparedness to support economic development.

Adopted: September 16, 2013
Reaffirmed: February 20, 2017

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Fayetteville Technical Community College is to provide affordable vocational-technical, business and industry, general education, college transfer, and continuing education programs, which meet the needs and desires of its diverse students and economic development needs for the community. To improve the educational base of society, FTCC encourages life-long learning and strives to prepare students for further workforce and educational experiences.

FTCC identifies the educational needs of applicants and assists students in satisfying these needs at a minimal expense. Each adult who applies will be admitted to a program appropriate to his/her abilities and interests. The College is in partnership with the public school system through College Tech Prep and other programs. Further, agreements with four-year colleges and universities support the educational continuum from high school through the baccalaureate degree.

Curricular programs reflect the changing technical, commercial, industrial, and health needs of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and surrounding areas. Various curricula offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. As a learning-centered college, FTCC offers courses and programs at times and places convenient to students in a variety of delivery modes. Courses are also available for high school graduates who need additional academic preparation before attempting college work.

FTCC provides instruction in the basic life skills needed to contribute effectively to society. Continuing Education programs are designed to meet specific needs in basic educational competencies, high school completion, upgrading occupational skills, and other avocational or practical skills required for the rapidly changing technological advances in the community.

Adopted: April 27, 1992
Approved: Board of Trustees, February 16, 2009
Reaffirmed: February 20, 2017

Note: The Administrative Procedures Manual publishes the most current official Purpose Statement for FTCC. Any reprint of the FTCC Purpose Statement must use this source, verbatim and in its entirety.

Classification of Instructional Programs (Program CIP Codes)

Program Title CIP
A25100 Accounting 52.0301
C25100H1 Accounting/Accounting Foundations Certificate 52.0301
C25100C3 Accounting/Computerized Accounting Certificate 52.0301
C25100C5 Accounting/Cost/Managerial Accounting Certificate 52.0301
C25100C1 Accounting/Payroll Accounting Certificate 52.0301
C25100C4 Accounting/Small Business Entrepreneur Accounting Cert 52.0301
C25100C2 Accounting/Tax Preparer Certificate 52.0301
A30100 Advertising and Graphic Design 50.0402
C30100C1 Advertising and Graphic Design/Digital Graphics Certificate 50.0402
C30100H1 Advertising and Graphic Design/Graphic Design Basics Cert 50.0402
A35100 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology 47.0201
C35100H1 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Cert 47.0201
D35100 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Diploma 47.0201
A40100 Architectural Technology 15.0101
C40100H1 Architectural Technology/Green/Sust Arch. Certificate 15.0101
C40100C2 Architectural Technology/Green/Sustainable Arch Certificate 15.0101
C40100C3 Architectural Technology/Landscape Arch Certificate 15.0101
C40100C1 Architectural Technology/Architectural Engineering Const Certificate 15.0101
A45110 Associate Degree Nursing 51.3801
A10100 Associate in Arts 24.0101
A10500 Associate in Engineering 14.0102
A10700 Associate in Fine Arts in Music 24.0101
A10800 Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre 24.0101
A10600 Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts 24.0101
A10300 Associate in General Education 24.0199
A10400 Associate in Science 24.0101
D60160 Automotive System Technology Diploma 47.0604
A60160 Automotive Systems Technology 47.0604
C60160C6 Automotive Systems Technology/Ford Maint & Light Repair I Ct 47.0604
C60160C7 Automotive Systems Technology/Ford Maint & Light Repair II 47.0604
C60160C5 Automotive Systems Technology/Medium/Heavy Truck Maint Cert 47.0604
C35100 Basic A/C, Heating & Refrigeration 47.0201
C60130C5 Basic Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology Certificate 47.0603
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate) 43.0107
A35140 Building Construction Technology 46.0499
C35140C4 Building Construction Technology/General Maint Certificate 46.0499
C35140C3 Building Construction Technology/Intro to Bldg Const Cert 46.0499
C35140H1 Building Construction Technology/Intro to Bldg Const Tech 46.0499
A25120 Business Administration 52.0201
C25120C10 Business Administration /Business Foundations Certificate 52.0201
C25120C13 Business Administration /E-Marketing Certificate 52.0201
C25120C12 Business Administration /Entrepreneurship Certificate 52.0201
C25120C17 Business Administration /Equal Opp & Emp Relations Cert 52.0201
A25120G Business Administration /General Business Administration 52.0201
C25120C21 Business Administration /Govern Procure & Contracting Cert 52.0201
A25120H Business Administration /Human Resources Management 52.0201
C25120C22 Business Administration /Leadership and Mgt Certificate 52.0201
A25120M Business Administration /Marketing 52.0201
C25120C20 Business Administration /Nonprofit & Commun Leadership Cert 52.0201
A25120O Business Administration /Operations Management 52.0201
C25120C9 Business Administration /Organizational Leadership Cert 52.0201
C25120C19 Business Administration /Payroll & Benefits Specialist Cert 52.0201
C25120C16 Business Administration /Project Leadership Certificate 52.0201
C25120C18 Business Administration /Recruitment & Staffing Spec Cert 52.0201
C25120C14 Business Administration /Sales and Customer Service Cert 52.0201
C25120C15 Business Administration /Total Quality Management Cert 52.0201
C25120H1 Business Administration/Business Foundations 52.0201
C25120C23 Business Administration/Operations Leadership Certificate 52.0201
C25120C11 Business Administration/Small Business Operations Cert 52.0201
D35180 Carpentry (Diploma) 46.0201
C35180C1 Carpentry/General Contractor’s Lic Prep Certificate 46.0201
C45180 Central Sterile Processing (Certificate) 51.1012
A40140 Civil Engineering Technology 15.0201
C40140C1 Civil Engineering Technology Certificate 15.0201
C40140H1 Civil Engineering Technology Certificate 15.0201
D40140 Civil Engineering Technology Diploma 15.0201
C60130C3 Collision Repair & Ref/Non-Structural & Refinishing Cert. 47.0603
A60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology 47.0603
C60130H1 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology 47.0603
C60130C2 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology/Estimating Cert 47.0603
C60130C4 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology/Structural Cert 47.0603
A50210 Computer-Integrated Machining 48.0503
C50210C1 Computer-Integrated Machining/Machining Certificate 48.0503
C50210C2 Computer-Integrated Machining/Manual Machining Certificate 48.0503
D50210 Computer-Integrated Machining/Manual Machining Diploma 48.0503
C50210H1 Computer-Integrated Machining\Basic Comp-Integrate Mach Cert 48.0503
A55140 Cosmetology 12.0401
C55140C1 Cosmetology Certificate 12.0401
D55140 Cosmetology Diploma 12.0401
C55160 Cosmetology Instructor (Certificate) 12.0413
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology 43.0104
C55180H1 Criminal Justice Technology 43.0104
C55180C11 Criminal Justice Technology/Contemp Policing Studies Cert 43.0104
C55180C5 Criminal Justice Technology/Courts and the Law Certificate 43.0104
C55180H4 Criminal Justice Technology/Crim Just Societal Topics Cert 43.0104
C55180C13 Criminal Justice Technology/Crim Just Societal Topics Certificate 43.0104
C55180C7 Criminal Justice Technology/Criminal Investigations Cert 43.0104
C55180C10 Criminal Justice Technology/Criminal Just Fundamentals Cert 43.0104
C55180C4 Criminal Justice Technology/Essential Law Enforcement Op Cert 43.0104
C55180C9 Criminal Justice Technology/Homeland Security Certificate 43.0104
A5518A Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence 43.0106
C5518AH2 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence 43.0106
C5518AC1 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence Certificate 43.0106
C5518AC3 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence/Arson Invest Cer 43.0106
C5518AC2 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence/Crime Scn Invest 43.0106
C5518AC4 Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence/Intro Foren Sci 43.0106
D55180 Criminal Justice Technology/Policing Diploma 43.0104
C55180C6 Criminal Justice Technology/Principles of Corrections Cert 43.0104
C55180C8 Criminal Justice Technology/Private Invest/Loss Prevent Cert 43.0104
C55180H3 Criminal Justice Technology/Private Invest/Loss Prevent Cert 43.0104
C55180C12 Criminal Justice Technology/Terrorism Studies Certificate 43.0104
A55150 Culinary Arts 12.0503
C55150C2 Culinary Arts/Baking Certificate 12.0503
C55150H1 Culinary Arts/Demi-Chef 12.0503
C55150C3 Culinary Arts/Demi-Chef Certificate 12.0503
C55150C4 Culinary Arts/Food Service Fundamentals Certificate 12.0503
C55150C1 Culinary Arts/Pantry Chef Cert – Garde Manger 12.0503
D45240 Dental Assisting (Diploma) 51.0601
A45260 Dental Hygiene 51.0602
A55220 Early Childhood Education 13.121
C55220C2 Early Childhood Education/Child Care Development Certificate 13.121
C55220C3 Early Childhood Education/Child Care Professional Certificate 13.121
C55220C6 Early Childhood Education/Lateral Entry Teacher Certificate 13.121
C55220C7 Early Childhood Education/Special Education Certificate 13.121
A35130 Electrical System Technology 46.0302
D35130 Electrical System Technology Diploma 46.0302
C35130C1 Electrical System Technology/Basic Elec Motors & Cont & Plc 46.0302
C35130H1 Electrical Systems Technology/Basic Elec Motor & Cont & PLC 46.0302
C35130H2 Electrical Systems Technology/Intro to Photovoltaic Sys Cert 46.0302
A40200 Electronics Engineering Technology 15.0303
C40200C1 Electronics Engineering Technology Certificate 15.0303
D40200 Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma 15.0303
A55460 Emergency Management 43.0302
C55460H1 Emergency Management 43.0302
C55460C1 Emergency Management Certificate 43.0302
C55460C3 Emergency Management/Disaster Management Certificate 43.0302
C55460C2 Emergency Management/Incident Management Certificate 43.0302
A45340 Emergency Medical Science 51.0904
C45340 Emergency Medical Science Certificate 51.0904
C45340H1 Emergency Medical Science Certificate 51.0904
A45340B Emergency Medical Science/Bridging 51.0904
C55270 Esthetics Instructor (Certificate) 12.0413
C55230 Esthetics Technology (Certificate) 12.0409
A55240 Fire Protection Technology 43.0201
C55240H1 Fire Protection Technology 43.0201
C55240C1 Fire Protection Technology Certificate 43.0201
C55240C2 Fire Protection Technology/Fundamentals of Arson Certificate 43.0201
A55260 Funeral Service Education 12.0301
D55260 Funeral Service Education 12.0301
A40420 Geomatics Technology 15.1102
C25610C1 Glob Log & Dist Mgt Tech/Logistic & Distribu Principles Cert 52.0203
A25610 Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology 52.0203
A25610G Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology 52.0203
C25610H1 Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology 52.0203
A30200 Gunsmithing 47.0402
C30200C1 Gunsmithing/Basic Gunsmithing Skills Certificate 47.0402
A45630 Health and Fitness Science 31.0599
C45630H1 Health and Fitness Science Certificate 31.0599
C45630C1 Health and Fitness Science/Health and Wellness Mgt Cert 31.0599
A25200 Healthcare Management Technology 51.0705
A15240 Horticulture Technology 1.0601
C15240H1 Horticulture Technology/Basic Horticulture Certificate 1.0601
C15240C1 Horticulture Technology/Basic Landscape Maint Certificate 1.0601
A25110 Hospitality Management 52.0909
C25110C2 Hospitality Management/Event Planning Certificate 52.0909
C25110C3 Hospitality Management/Hotel & Lodging Mgt Certificate 52.0909
C25110C4 Hospitality Management/Restaurant Management Certificate 52.0909
A50240 Industrial Systems Technology 15.0499
C55290 Infant/Toddler Care (Certificate) 19.0706
C55290H1 Infant/Toddler Care (Certificate) 19.0706
A25590 Information Technology 11.0103
C25590C2 Information Technology/C# Programming Certificate 11.0103
C25590C8 Information Technology/Cisco Networking Certificate 11.0103
A25590C Information Technology/Computer Programming & Development 11.0103
C25590C9 Information Technology/Computer Technologies Certificate 11.0103
C25590H4 Information Technology/Computer Technologies Certificate 11.0103
C25590C16 Information Technology/Cyber Crime Analysis Certificate 11.0103
C25590C15 Information Technology/Cyber Crime Fundamentals Certificate 11.0103
C25590C17 Information Technology/Cyber Security Operations Certificate 11.0103
A25590B Information Technology/Database Management 11.0103
C25590C5 Information Technology/Database Programming Certificate 11.0103
C25590C7 Information Technology/Digital Animation Certificate 11.0103
C25590C4 Information Technology/Digital Media Basics Certificate 11.0103
C25590H2 Information Technology/Digital Media Basics Certificate 11.0103
A25590D Information Technology/Digital Media Production 11.0103
C25590C11 Information Technology/Hardware and Software Certificate 11.0103
C25590H3 Information Technology/Hardware and Software Certificate 11.0103
C25590C1 Information Technology/Java Programming Certificate 11.0103
C25590C10 Information Technology/Linux Certificate 11.0103
C25590C13 Information Technology/Microsoft Desktop Support Certificate 11.0103
C25590C12 Information Technology/Microsoft Networking Certificate 11.0103
C25590C14 Information Technology/Mobile & Web Basics Certificate 11.0103
A25590M Information Technology/Mobile & Web Programming 11.0103
C25590H1 Information Technology/Mobile App Development Certificate 11.0103
C25590C3 Information Technology/Mobile Application Development Cert 11.0103
C25590C21 Information Technology/Network Defense Spec Certificate 11.0103
A25590N Information Technology/Network Management 11.0103
A25590P Information Technology/PC Support and Services 11.0103
C25590C20 Information Technology/Python Programming Certificate 11.0103
A25590S Information Technology/Systems Security & Analysis 11.0103
C25590C6 Information Technology/Visual Basic Programming 11.0103
C25590C19 Information Technology/Wireless Networking Security Cert 11.0103
C25590H5 Information Technology\Network Defense Specialist Certif 11.0103
C25590H8 Information Technology\Python Programming Certificate 11.0103
C25590H7 Information Technology\Wireless Networking Security Cert 11.0103
C25590C18 Information Technology/Information Tech Basics Certificate 11.0103
A25700 Intelligence Studies 29.0201
A25700A Intelligence Studies/Criminal Intelligence 29.0201
A25700B Intelligence Studies/Geospatial Intelligence 29.0201
A25700C Intelligence Studies/Intel Operations 29.0201
C45830 Mammography (Certificate) 51.0919
C55400 Manicuring/Nail Technology (Certificate) 12.0410
C55400H1 Manicuring/Nail Technology (Certificate) 12.0410
A25310 Medical Office Administration 51.0705
C25310C1 Medical Office Administration Certificate 51.0705
C25310C3 Medical Office Administration/Dental Office Spec Certificate 51.0705
C25310C4 Medical Office Administration/Inpatient Med Coding Spec Cert 51.0705
C25310H1 Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding & Billing Cert 51.0705
C25310C2 Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding Spec Cert 51.0705
D45970 Nurse Aide 51.3902
C45840 Nurse Aide (Certificate) 51.3902
C45840H1 Nurse Aide (Certificate) 51.3902
A25370 Office Administration 52.0204
C25370C1 Office Administration/Basic Office Admin Certificate 52.0204
C25370H1 Office Administration/Office Assistant Certificate 52.0204
C25370C3 Office Administration/Office Documents Spec Certificate 52.0204
C25370C2 Office Administration/Office Finance Spec Certificate 52.0204
A25380 Paralegal Technology 22.0302
D25380 Paralegal Technology Diploma 22.0302
A45580 Pharmacy Technology 51.0805
D45580 Pharmacy Technology 51.0805
A45620 Physical Therapist Assistant (2-year program) 51.0806
D35300 Plumbing (Diploma) 46.0503
C35300C1 Plumbing (Diploma)/Basic Plumbing Certificate 46.0503
C35300H1 Plumbing (Diploma)/Basic Plumbing Certificate 46.0503
D45660 Practical Nursing (Diploma) 51.3901
A45700 Radiography 51.0911
A45720 Respiratory Therapy 51.0908
A55440 School-Age Education 13.1202
D55440 School-Age Education Diploma 13.1202
C55440C1 School-Age Education/Instructional Leader Certificate 13.1202
D25450D3 Sim and Game Dev/Simulation Programming Technician Diploma 50.0411
D25450D1 Simulation and Game Dev/3D Modeling and 3D Printing Diploma 50.0411
D25450D2 Simulation and Game Dev/SG Design and Development Diploma 50.0411
C25450C4 Simulation and Game Devel/Sg Design Fundamentals Cert 50.0411
A25450 Simulation and Game Development 50.0411
C25450H1 Simulation and Game Development 50.0411
C25450H2 Simulation and Game Development/3D Animation Certificate 50.0411
C25450C2 Simulation and Game Development/Interactive 3D Certificate 50.0411
C25450C3 Simulation and Game Development/Sg Programming Cert 50.0411
C25450C1 Simulation and Game Development/Sgd Basics Certificate 50.0411
C25450C5 Simulation and Game Development2545/3D Printing Certificate 50.0411
A45730 Speech-Language Pathology Assistant 51.0816
D45740B Surgical Tech Aad Bridge Program 51.0909
A45740 Surgical Technology 51.0909
C50420H1 Welding Technology 48.0508
D50420 Welding Technology 48.0508
C50420C1 Welding Technology/Basic Welding Certificate 48.0508