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Mission: The primary mission of the Closet is to provide Professional attire for FTCC students who are going on job interviews, making classroom presentations or representing FTCC in any capacity.

Attention, Work Study students: The Success Closet is looking for Work Study students to work in the Closet. Please contact Mrs. Daisy Fox at 910-678-8598.

College life can be more than attending class and returning home if you choose to take part.

Enrich your experience at FTCC by joining one of over 40 clubs and organizations, taking part in intramural sports, or attending a campus event, play, or art gallery exhibition.

Explore the resources and services below that are available to help you excel academically, personally, and professionally.

Academic Resources

As you prepare to register for classes each semester, these resources can help you plan your courses. Need assistance? If this is your first semester, contact an admissions counselor. If not, contact your student advisor.


Jobs & Transfer Services

Our goal is to foster your success, and that extends beyond your time enrolled at FTCC. In order to ensure a smooth transition from our campus, we provide a variety of support services as you prepare to enter the workforce or pursue an advanced degree.

Research & Tutoring

Whether you need access to a computer, sources for a research project, or a little extra help in one of your classes, our campus has the resources you need to be successful.

Is Life Getting in the Way of Your Academic Goals?

Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy for people to find the assistance they need in just a few clicks. Having served 1.8 million people to date, Aunt Bertha has the largest network of resources for every zip code, no matter the reason.

Whether you’re in need of food, childcare, or just a way to get to work, there are hundreds of expertly pin-pointed resources in your community, all thanks to Aunt Bertha.

Some other areas of assistance that Aunt Bertha matches resources to are:

Female student reading

  • Financial
  • Assistance
  • Food
  • Education
  • Goods
  • General Care
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Work
  • Transportation

With Aunt Bertha, you can find programs, connect to services, apply for benefits, and view the hours and location of each result!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, let Aunt Bertha do the heavy lifting to help you get the assistance you’re searching for.


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Student Activities

College is more than attending class and taking tests. The network of connections you create can serve you well into your professional career. Learn about how to get involved on campus through the Student Government Association (SGA)clubs and organizationsintramural sports and campus events.