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Corporate & Continuing Education

We offer academically rigorous, yet accessible and affordable education options for anyone seeking new job skills and career training, or an opportunity to explore your creativity through a new hobby.

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Benefits of Non-Credit Continuing Education

  • Day, evening, weekend, and online courses available
  • Certificate programs for industry approved credentials
  • No lengthy admission process or transcripts required
  • Quality education in a short amount of time

Explore each program area or contact 910-678-8386 for assistance.

Continuing Education  to Curriculum Credit for Prior Learning

Business planning for studentsSeveral of FTCC’s Continuing Education (CE) courses offer transfer credit when applied to a related FTCC curriculum program. See the course list for more information.


Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Scholarship Program

The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Scholarship Program provides scholarships for eligible community college continuing education students enrolled in a variety of training programs. You may qualify for the GEER scholarship to cover your tuition & course fees!

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Applying for a GEER Scholarship

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Corporate & Continuing Education Programs