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FTCC offers a comprehensive benefits program to its employees.


Dental Plan

Current Premiums

The rates below are effective January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024:

Plan Type Premium
Employee Only $7.61
Employee/Spouse $45.19
Employee/Child(ren) $56.86
Employee/Family $90.22

Full-time, non-temporary employees at FTCC may purchase dental insurance for themselves and their families at group rates. The premiums are payroll deductible and available under the Cafeteria Plan.

The current dental plan for College employees is provided by SunLife. FTCC pays a portion of the premium for employee only coverage for full-time, non-temporary employees.

Benefits are paid as follows:

Preventative Benefits – Paid at 100%
Basic Services – Paid at 80%
Major Services – Paid at 50%
Orthodontia Benefits – Paid at 50% after a 12 month waiting period (Orthodontia calendar year maximum = $500, Lifetime maximum = $1000)
Note: Percentages for all services shown are based on usual and customary charges.

Calendar Year Maximum Benefit Per Person = $1,250


There is a $25 calendar year deductible. No family will be responsible for paying more than three deductibles per year, regardless of the number of family members insured under the plan. The deductible is waived for Preventative Services.

Retirement Benefits

FTCC full-time employees enjoy a generous benefit package, which includes an excellent retirement plan. Each full-time employee contributes 6% of their compensation on a pre-tax basis to the retirement plan and the remainder of the retirement benefit is funded by the College.

Social Security

All employees of FTCC are eligible for social security benefits according to the laws and regulations governing the Social Security Administration.

Retirement, Auxiliary and Survivors Benefits

Disability Benefits SSIDI/SSI

Accessing Services


Types of Leave

Annual Leave

Non-Temporary, non-faculty of FTCC accrue annual leave based on aggregate state service. The amount of leave earned varies according to the length of service. On June 30, any employee with more than 240 hours of accumulated leave shall have the excess accumulation transferred to their sick leave account.

Faculty receives Administrative leave based on the type of contract they sign.

Vacation leave for full-time, non-temporary employees shall be computed at the following rates:

Years of Service Hours Earned Monthly Hours Earned Annually
Less than 5 years 9 hours 15 minutes 111
5 but less than 10 years 11 hours 15 minutes 135
10 but less than 15 years 13 hours 15 minutes 159
15 but less than 20 years 15 hours 15 minutes 183
20 or more years 17 hours 15 minutes 207

Additional Benefits

Cafeteria Plan (IRS Code Section 125)

The cafeteria plan allows employees to have certain insurance premiums deducted from monthly earnings before taxes and social security are computed.