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Learn more about what Cumberland Polytechnic High School can offer your rising 9th – 11th-grade high school student!

Find the school that’s the right fit for your child. Choice Programs provide:

  • High-quality academic & extracurricular activities
  • Student-centered learning environments
  • Opportunities for development of skills & talents
Collaborative | Competitive |  Successful

Check the CCS Choice School web page for more details.

For questions please contact Jessica Matthews at 910-486-7305 or

Check out what our Innovative High School has to offer your student.

Complete your CCS Choice School application for rising 9th – 11th grade students now until January 22, 2021 via Family Dashboard.




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CPHS Application Information & Quick Facts!

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Did You Know That FTCC Has a High School on Main Campus?

Cumberland Polytechnic High School (CPHS) is a Cooperative Innovative High School in partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community College that enrolls 9th through 12th graders. The High School can enroll up to 100 students per grade level, per year. CPHS students can take any non-age restricted courses here with FTCC for FREE during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The students are not charged anything for books, tuition, or fees. CPHS students are encouraged to take FTCC summer classes but are responsible for the cost of fees and books. If students stay on track with their choice of study they will earn an associates degree to include career and technical education (CTE) programs, transferable credit and/or a certificate from FTCC all while earning their high school diploma.

CPHS Program Options at FTCC


CPHS students have the unique opportunity to enroll into almost any diploma, certificate, or associates program here at FTCC with the exception of Health, General Education, and Gunsmithing. Check out all the programs that FTCC has to offer our students.

Not sure what career path you want to pursue? Take FTCC’s Career Assessment to help guide you. Check out potential growth and current Work Opportunities in the local area.

Graduation hats thrown into the air

Ready to Graduate?

So you’re ready to graduate and asking what do I need?

Seniors that have completed all CPHS requirements and a diploma, certificate, or degree program from FTCC have the opportunity to walk in both high school and FTCC graduation ceremonies.

Students that are transferring to another college will need to provide their new college with both official high school and FTCC college transcripts.

You can order your official college transcripts in person at the SDC Cashier Window.

For more information on how to order your official FTCC transcript:

Admissions message from one of UNC top schools:


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Students wishing to change your FTCC academic program will need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Matthews and submit the Program Change Request Form


Where is Cumberland Polytechnic High School located?

CPHS is located on the FTCC main campus on the top floor of the Continuing Education Center.

When do CPHS students start taking college courses with FTCC?

CPHS students start integrating college courses into their second semester of freshmen year.

Contact Us!

Name Position Email Phone Office
Jessica Matthews Cooperative Innovative High School Liaison 910- 486-7305 CEC 201
Kristen Marrero Part-Time Administrative Assistant 910- 486-7370 CEC 201
Chad Barbour CPHS Principal 910- 486-7300 CEC 201
Jacqueline McLeod CPHS Assistant Principal 910- 486-7300 CEC 201
Taneka Williams Career Pathways Coordinator 910- 678-8505 HOS 619
Larry Culbreth Safety Monitor 910- 678-8505 HOS 619