Fayetteville Campus Office Location

General Classroom Building (GCB) Room 102 (1st floor)
Phone Number
Fax Number
Office Hours Monday – Saturday
7:00AM – 10:00PM
Director of Public Safety & Security: Chief Joseph Bailer

Text Alerts

FTCC provides public safety alerts & other campus notifications sent as text messages & emails to your mobile device.

Emergency Phone Numbers: 911*

*Report all Incidents to FTCC’s Department of Public Safety and Security
Fayetteville Campus Phone: 910-678-8433
Collision U @ Spring Lake Phone: 910-678-8433
FTCC Education Center Phone: 910-678-8433
Horticulture Education Center Phone: 910-678-8433
Spring Lake Security Phone: 910-678-8433

FTCC’s Security Officers are here to maintain a safe environment for students to attend FTCC.

The mission of the Public Safety & Security Department is to:

  • Help provide and maintain an atmosphere that enhances the educational process

  • And fulfills the total mission of FTCC

  • By providing a highly trained, motivated and professional security staff.

Campus Parking

An FTCC parking permit is required for all students, staff, and faculty that park a vehicle on campus.

Where to Park

A legal space to park is defined as an area marked with two white lines, two yellow lines, or yellow and white lines spaced far enough apart to allow a vehicle to park safely between. Areas that have a line on one side and a curb on the other are considered to be a legal parking space. Motorcycles may be parked in the yellow hash marked lines of any parking lot, except yellow hash marks next to handicapped parking spaces.

Traffic Rules & Regulations (PDF format)

Which Spaces Am I Allowed to Park In?

  • Faculty/Staff: Yellow Lined Areas
  • Students: White Lined Areas Only (Do Not Park In Visitor Spaces)

Get Your Parking Permit!

Parking permits must be displayed on vehicles registered with FTCC Public Safety & Security. All persons involved in illegal use of a parking permit, or attempting such, may have their campus vehicle parking privileges revoked.

Curriculum Students

If you plan to park a vehicle on campus, you must have a parking permit, either temporary or permanent. A parking permit should be obtained during the registration period or during the first three days of class. When on campus, make sure your parking permit is displayed on your vehicle.

Go to the Public Safety Office in room 102 of the General Classroom Building to register your vehicle You will need to complete the Public Safety & Security vehicle registration form. Make sure you bring the License Plate Number and Registration for the vehicle you would like to register. You will also need a valid FTCC Student ID Card.

Students will be issued one (1) permit for each registered vehicle and may register a maximum of two (2) vehicles. Permits for two vehicles and one lost permit replacement may be issued at no cost to the student.

How to Place Your FTCC Parking Permit

Place the permit on the inside of the front, driver’s side window. Motorcycle operators will be issued a permit to be placed on one of the front forks.

  1. Clean the window with water
  2. Peel off permit
  3. Apply to window
  4. Smooth out air bubbles
Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education Center (CEC) students (including High School and GED) will be issued a Continuing Education Temporary Parking Permit by either CEC Registration and Records or an instructor. The permit must be displayed in a readable location on the vehicle windshield, dashboard or rear window.