Welcome to our Simple Syllabus community!

Simple Syllabus is FTCC’s centralized, syllabus platform. All campus syllabi are stored in this repository for authorized stakeholders. Students have access to both current and past syllabi and their related course materials.


Simple Syllabus Support

Support Ticket!

Placing a ticket with the support team can be done in the following ways:

    • emailing your question to ‘help@simplesyllabus.com
    • placing a support ticket through our Knowledge Base, or
    • using the in-site help form (accessed by clicking the question mark icon in the top left corner when logged into your Simple Syllabus production site)

The Simple Syllabus team also provides open Office Hours daily. Register for the knowledge base and click on the Community page to find the daily schedule and Zoom links.

The newest resource, Watch, is where you can also find helpful video tutorials. You may wish to bookmark this link so you have it handy!

You can find and connect with Simple Syllabus on social media for real-time updates on webinar offerings, product announcements, and more.