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Fine Arts Department
Horace Sisk Building (HOS), Room 602 2201 Hull Rd, Fayetteville NC, 28303
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Office Hours Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Department Chair: Dennis Johnson

Fine Arts Department Events!


FTCC After Dark

  • Featuring The All-American Jazz Quintet
  • Saturday, March 10 at 8pm
  • Cumberland Hall, Room 366


The Dinner Party
by Neil Simon

Play description: Here is a decidedly French dinner party served up in a chaotic mode that only a master of comedy could create. Five people are invited to dine at a first-rate restaurant in Paris. They do not know who the other guests will be or why they have been invited. Tossed together in a private dining room, they have a sneaking suspicion that this unorthodox dinner party will forever change their lives.
Note: this play is intended for an adult audience, and it may contain adult language and situations.
8 Opportunities to attend:
At the Pope Theatre at Ft. Bragg:
  • March 3 @ 7 PM
  • March 4 @ 2 PM
At Cumberland Hall Auditorium, Fayetteville Campus of FTCC:
  • March 9 @ 7 PM
  • March 10 @ 7 PM
  • March 11 @ 2 PM

  • March 16 @ 7 PM
  • March 17 @ 7 PM
  • March 18 @ 2 PM
For more information, please call 910.486.7337 or email
FTCC's All-American Jazz Quintet
Jazz quintet

Listen more music by the All-American Jazz Quintet on their YouTube channel.

Student Spotlight

Two-Dimensional Art

2D Design, Painting, Drawing, Watercolor, Drawing I and II, Printmaking I and II

  • Student Spotlight Watercolor



    Spring 2018

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  • Student Spotlight Drawing

    Drawing I


    Fall 2017

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  • Student Spotlight Drawing

    Drawing 1


    Spring 2018

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  • Student Spotlight Drawing

    Drawing II


    Spring 2018

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  • Student Spotlight Painting



    Fall 2017

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  • Student Spotlight Painting

    Painting I


    Fall 2017

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Three-Dimensional Art

Sculpture I and II, Ceramics I, 3D Design

  • 3D Art by Amy


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  • 3D Art by Angie


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  • 3D Art by Jim M

    Jim Myers

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  • 3D Art by Jim


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  • 3D Art by Stephanie


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  • 3D Art by Shelee


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The Art Gallery
Mission Statement

Within the Community College context defined by an Associates of Fine Arts in Visual Arts curriculum transfer degree and in support of Associate of Arts Transfer Degree “The Art Gallery at Fayetteville Technical Community College” exists as a teaching resource by providing professional exhibitions throughout the academic school year.
The Art Gallery at Fayetteville Technical Community College’s mission is to provide a cultural resource that encourages dialogue about visual art among artists, the public, educators and students. Also, to support artistic excellence and diversity on both a national and a local level and define and clarify issues pertinent to contemporary practice. Finally, to seek to foster greater accessibility and understanding of the art of our time and to have a voice in the dialogue concerning its socio-cultural relevance.
The Art Gallery at FTCC displays artist exhibitions each semester that feature the artwork of students, faculty and outside artists. Exhibitions are free and open to the public to enjoy.
The Art Gallery Director: Callie Farmer

Gallery Location:

Fayetteville Campus
General Classroom Building, Room 221
2817 Fort Bragg Rd, Fayetteville NC, 28303


Monday and Wednesday 9am-12pm
Tuesday and Thursday 12pm-3pm
Friday 9am-5pm

Spring 2018 Exhibit Schedule

Solo Exhibition


Randy Carlson, Ceramicist

Dates: February 26 – March 29
Closing Reception: March 29, 4-6pm

Ceramic Art Work by Randy Carlson
Solo Exhibition
Brandon Sanderson, Printmaker

UNC Pembroke Fine Arts Faculty

Dates: April 3 – May 10th

Art Work by Brandon Sanderson
Group Exhibition
Gallery 116

FTCC Student Art Exhibition
Dates: May 2 – May 31.
Downtown Fayetteville, NC.


FTCC's Fine Arts Department Faculty