In the event the College is closed, due to the threat of severe weather, please adhere to the following:

Students are reminded to log into Blackboard to check for assignment instructions/information regarding your classes.
During the event FTCC Student Services will be monitoring the following email addresses in order to serve you.

Emergency closing information is broadcast on local radio stations (WAZZ, WFLB, WFNC, WKML, WMGU, WQSM, WRCQ, and WZFX) and television stations (WRAL, WTVD, WNCN, and News 14 Carolina).  Updates are also provided via FayText and FTCC’s email communication system.  Stay tuned to these stations and locations for updates concerning emergency closing information.  This information will also be posted on FTCC’s website.  

Weather conditions can rapidly change.  Always be aware of your surroundings and exercise care and caution during periods of severe weather.