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Apprenticeships are structured on-the-job training programs. They are agreements between employers and skilled workers to “earn while learning”. They include related coursework, typically diploma or degree programs here at Fayetteville Technical Community College.


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Let’s Talk Apprenticeships

Lets Talk Apprenticeships

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What you need to know about Apprenticeships:

  • Apprenticeships are pipelines of ready-to-work talent
  • Apprentices are paid employees who are formally trained on the job
  • Apprenticeships require a minimum of one year of on-the-job training or 2000 hours
  • More than 1,300 occupations are “apprenticeable”
  • Apprentices are paid on a progressive wage scale as their skills increase
  • There are no employer fees attached with registering an apprenticeship program in NC

Is your company struggling to recruit and hire skilled employees?  Apprenticeships may be the solution!

Are you a student that is interested in going to work in your field of study now?  An Apprenticeship might be a good option.

Many people use the term internship and apprenticeship interchangeably but they are very different. Internships are short-term, paid or unpaid work-based learning opportunities that might result in a job. Apprenticeships always begin with a job that combines paid, on-the-job training with related coursework for at least one year to produce a highly-skilled workforce. Current FTCC students make great apprenticeship candidates because they have a demonstrated interest in particular fields.

Apprenticeship Spotlight

Caleb Richardson Workshop

Caleb Richardson, an Advertising & Graphic Design student, works as a registered apprentice at Cumberland Coffee Roasters. [Photo by Brad Losh]

Caleb Richardson is hitting his stride in the Advertising and Graphic Design program and earning valuable work experience through a registered apprenticeship.

Richardson has created print materials, graphics for the website and designs for apparel for Cumberland Coffee Roasters.

In addition to honing his skills and expanding his portfolio, the apprenticeship has allowed Richardson the opportunity to figure out what kind of work environment he enjoys most.

Whitney Carter stands by a logo that says Ray West Design Build

FTCC student Whitney Carter began an apprenticeship with RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD in June 2023. [Contributed photo]

FTCC is on a mission to prepare students to enter the workforce, gaining employment in careers that utilize their skills and knowledge.

Some students can even get a headstart in the workforce before they finish school through Apprenticeship NC, the N.C. Community Colleges System’s registered apprenticeship program .

Through the program, local employers hire students to be paid employees while being formally trained on the job. The resulting relationship is mutually beneficial, with employees gaining valuable on-the-job learning and the employers strengthening their ready-to-work pipeline.

To qualify as a registered apprenticeship, the opportunity must include on-the-job training and related instruction in the classroom, and it must last a minimum of one year or 2,000 hours.