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FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
Michelle Walden, Dean of Allied Health Technologies
FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
Tenette Prevatte, Dean of Computer & Information Technology
FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
Rhiannon Holley, Systems Security & Analysis Instructor
FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
Candice Freeman, Medical Laboratory Technology Chair
FTCC Faculty 2022 NISOD Presenters
Sandra Walker, Dental Assisting Chair

Five Fayetteville Technical Community College faculty members will give presentations at the upcoming National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development conference.

The annual NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence is May 28-31 in Austin, Texas.

Michelle Walden, Dean of FTCC’s Allied Health Technologies; Candice Freeman, Medical Laboratory Technology Chair; and Sandra Walker, Dental Assisting Chair, will deliver presentations on instructional methods.

Rhiannon Holley, Systems Security and Analysis Instructor, and Computer & Information Technology Dean Tenette Prevatte will pair to deliver a presentation on FTCC’s partnership with Red Hat to offer certification-preparation courses to service members transitioning out of the military.

Holley, who received the 2020-21 Red Hat Training Academy Director’s Award, said the presentation will focus on the value of establishing partnerships with companies like Red Hat, as well as CISCO and CompTIA, to meet students’ educational and career goals.

“Our goal in delivering this presentation is to highlight ways of bridging the gap between their skill set, the education we deliver to them and what’s expected and demanded by the labor markets,” Holley said.

FTCC’s partnerships allow the College to provide certification-preparation curriculum and continuing education courses, and in some cases, give students the opportunity to build certification-specific resumes.

For example, students taking the Red Hat courses can utilize a Red Hat-specific talent portal. Similar to LinkedIn, the portal allows students to post online certifications and achievements viewable by recruiters within Red Hat’s network of partners.

“We’re taking it a step further and not just delivering the education, but preparing them to exit into the workforce,” Holley said.

Holley said FTCC’s Transition Tech programs, which are designed to prepare a student to take the Red Hat Certified Security Administrator test in six weeks, can provide an immediate opportunity for a transitioning service member to start a valuable post-service career.

“This is a fantastic opportunity because, regardless of their MOS (military occupational specialty), they’re able to get quick, concentrated education in the field they’ll be tested on in the certification,” Holley said. “The Transition Tech program, whether it’s CISCO, CompTIA or Red Hat, it’s giving military members a chance to transition from the life they had in the service to a highly rewarding, high-yield career in IT.”


FTCC Faculty NISOD Presenters:

Bringing Red Hat Training to Transitioning Military Members
Rhiannon Holley, Instructor, Systems Security and Analysis; Tenette Prevatte, Academic Dean, Computer and Information Technology

Flexible Universal Design for Learning: Strategies for Designing an Accessible, Engaging, and Sustainable Hyflex Course
Candice Freeman, Faculty and Director, Clinical Laboratory Science/Health Sciences; Michelle Walden, Dean, Allied Health Technologies

Teaching About Self-Regulated Learning as Part of Day-One Instruction
Candice Freeman, Faculty and Director, Clinical Laboratory Science/Health Sciences

Bringing Instruction to the Student: Providing Equitable Program and Course Attendance Options From the Student Perspective
Candice Freeman, Chair, Medical Laboratory Technology; Michelle Walden, Dean, Allied Health Technologies; Sandra Walker, Chair, Dental Assisting

Meeting Needs to Promote Student Outcomes: How HPT and DTL Can Harmonize to Support Student
Candice Freeman, Program Director, Medical Laboratory Technology