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For the second time this year, the Trojans post a 20+ pt win over the Vance-Granville Vanguards, 97-76. One more win and the Trojans will guarantee a winning record in just their second season. The remaining schedule features conference teams, all of whom the Trojans have defeated once this year, and the UNC-JV, whom the Trojans defeated last year.

The Trojans worked the ball hard to the basket against VGCC CJ Miller, Nick Kuhns, Jabari Bowman, and Johnny Hughes all drove to the rim and were strong on the boards. Tristen Rodriguez hit the only 3 pt shot of the first half as the Trojans opened a 52-35 halftime led. Coach Hurd kept the rotation fresh and assured there was no foul trouble.

The second half began well, however, the Vanguards made a couple strong runs to get as close as 10 pts. before the Trojans applied pressure and were able to push the lead back out. Miller seemed to corral ever missed VGCC shot and finished the game with 12 rebounds. He also had three thundering dunks that brought roars from the crowds. The most glaring stat of the night, was the return to poor free throw shooting, as the Trojans were just 18-29, 62%. This is down from the 70+% over the last few games, and is starkly contrasted from the 82% night against Lenoir just a week ago.

This was a good win, and the team has to maintain its focus in order to win out the season and get a first round bye in the conference tournament next month. They are currently 5th and hold the final bye position.

FTCC      52  45    97

VGCC    35  41    76

FTCC      Adams, 11, Kuhns, 15, Bowman, 10, Mateen, 4, Rodriguez, 6, Mims, 15, Stover, 2, Miller, 21, Hughes, 10, Edwards, 4

3 Pt.       Adams, 1, Roriguez, 1

Fouls     20, Adams 1, Chavis, 2, Kuhns, 1, Bowman, 3, Guthrie, 2, Rodriguez, 2, Mims, 3, Hughes, 4

VGCC    Rufus, 10, Holden, 13, Manley, 6, Finley, 15, Gregory, 18, Mbaye, 3, Mayfield, 9,, Jackson, 2

3 Pt.       5, Rufus, 2, Finley, 1, Gregory, 1, Mbaye, 1

Fouls     20. Holden, 3, Manley, 4, Finley, 3, Gregory, 4, Mbaye, 1, Mayfield, 3, Eaton, 2