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Game 1

Yesterday, FTCC played two games against Barton College’s junior varsity team. The first game started at 2 p.m., and Zach Tanner led the way as our first batter. He was hit by a pitch and was able to get to 3rd base through the inning. Batting was off to a slow start, however. FTCC’s bats did not get hot until the 5th inning, with Kaleb Leviner and Nakelon Bowie scoring 2 runs. Even though the first game was lost 3-2, our pitchers did an outstanding job. FTCC used 4 pitchers for the first game.

Trevan Locklear was the starter for the team and pitched 2 innings with 2 strikeouts and only 1 run scored from an opening walk. Next up was Bowie who is a left-handed pitcher with a keen pick-off move – the first runner had no chance to get back to the bag. Bowie had 2 K’s (swinging strikeouts) with no runs scored. Johnnie Lowery and Tyler Glenn gave up one run each but still pitched great. If errors were the difference in the game, FTCC would have taken the win, but the second game was a real game-changer for the Trojans.

Game 2

The Trojans did not ease up on Barton College during Game 2. FTCC won 12-2, and it was great to feel the players’ energy in redeeming the loss from the first game.

In the 5th inning, Terrance Staples hit a home run that went well over the left-field fence (365-foot distance). In the 6th inning, the Trojans’ bats started to get hot, scoring 6 runs. FTCC’s defense was at its best, only allowing 2 runs. Tyler Dove started on the mound and struck out 2 batters in the 2nd inning. For the 3rd and 4th innings, Bruce Elmore struck out 3 batters and only allowed one run to score. Right-Fielder Aaron Revels laser-pitched the ball to home plate, getting the out at home to cap the score. In the 5th inning, Travis Locklear performed well at the start with 1 K but started to fall off, allowing one run to score. Coach Gaskins changed pitchers, for Tyler Glenn. Glenn stepped up as a reliever and got the job done for the 5th inning. Tristan Arenivas pitched to one batter but closed the game down with only two pitches.

Overall, the FTCC Trojans took a big leap and gave it their all. The Trojans did not just win; they dominated an NCAA Division 2 University JV Baseball team.

Congratulations to the Trojans for the hard work and win!

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Story submitted by: Bruce Elmore