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NjcaaOn July 11, 2022, NJCAA released the All-Academic Teams for every division and sport for the 2021-22 season. There was a total of 9,912 student-athletes honored for making an All-Academic Team. This is 1,640 more student-athletes honorees than the previous year for the NJCAA.

FTCC is one of 35 teams apart of Region 10 of the NJCAA. Out of the 9,912 student-athlete honorees, 3,412 are from Region 10. The NJCAA is made up of 24 separate regions, meaning Region 10 alone holds over a third of the student-athletes receiving All-Academic Team honors. Region 10

In order to be eligible for nomination, the student-athlete has to meet the nomination criteria. The criteria includes:

  • Must have completed two full-time semesters or three full-time quarters of college work.
  • Must have participated in at least one season at the varsity level at the college from which he/she is nominated.
  • Minimum of 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours completed in the current academic year.

The student-athletes are broken down into three teams by their GPA after passing the nomination criteria. First team (4.0), second team (3.80-3.99) and third team (3.60-3.79).

Out of the 9,912 student-athletes honored, 2,852 NJCAA student-athletes made first team with a 4.0 GPA. Second team consists of 3,322 student-athlete honorees and 4,221 student-athletes received third team honors. 

Ftcc logo17 FTCC student-athletes received these honors for the 2021-22 season from the NJCAA. 

All-Academic First Team(4.0 GPA):

  • Riley Caudle- Baseball
  • Tanner Sweatt- Baseball
  • Sonjai Guiles- Volleyball
  • Taylor Melvin- Volleyball
  • Chelsey Wilkes- Softball

All-Academic Second Team (3.80-3.99):

  • Jaylynn Faughn- Softball
  • Jaqueline Woosley-Volleyball
  • Alyssa Wrench- Volleyball
  • Michael Okoye- Men’s Basketball

All-Academic Third Team (3.60-3.79):

  • Ethan Ashlock- Baseball
  • Will Austin- Baseball
  • Jason Barnes- Baseball
  • Dylan Bruce- Baseball
  • Wyatt Carey-Baseball
  • Aidan Haugh-Baseball
  • Alex McAlmon- Baseball
  • Michael Starrs- Baseball

The full list of NJCAA student-athletes on the All-Academic Teams can be found here:

56 student-athletes from Fayetteville Tech received the Region 10 All-Academic Honors from the 2021 fall semester and 46 received honors for the 2022 spring semester. 

The full list of student-athletes on the Region 10 All-Academic Team at FTCC can be found here: