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Ftcc Cosmo Video

Tamaris Bryant, COS 240 student featured in the video

Students in an advanced hair-styling class at Fayetteville Technical Community College haven’t been able to meet in person since late March but completed their final exam last week in fine form – with a group video in which they demonstrated the skills they’d learned.

The video plays off the “Don’t Rush” transformational challenge that’s been sweeping across social media in recent weeks. In challenge videos, people film quick snippets of themselves – “frumpy” before looks and glammed-up after looks. It was a perfect vehicle for the students in Juanita Williams’ Contemporary Hair Design course.

In the past, Williams said, her final exam required students to do a “Total Look” photo shoot with a live model. The students had to demonstrate their hair and makeup skills and on the model and also determine the model’s outfit. An FTCC photographer would help them pull off the complete experience.

This year, though, Covid-19 forced the class to move online in mid-March.

It was a challenge. Williams, the instructor, had to figure out online methods of teaching skills such as making custom wigs from scratch. (She succeeded.)

When it came to determining an alternative final exam, the “Don’t Rush” challenge was an obvious vehicle. Eight students took before and after videos of themselves in their homes, showing off the techniques they’d learned. Val Cruchon, one of the students, took each submission and compiled them into a single video.

The original video wasn’t accompanied by the usual “Don’t Rush” song by Young T & Bugsey, featuring Headie One, but instead by Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” which Williams said “always” plays in FTCC’s salon clinic. Non-copyrighted electronic music was substituted in the version of the video that’s being posted publicly.

All eight students in the video received an A. Two other students who weren’t able to participate will be given other projects so they can complete the course.

Williams said the video was a wonderful ending to the class for the students who were able to participate.

“Having a good time creating and getting an A for doing it doesn’t get any better for a college student in the midst of a pandemic/shut-in,” she said in an email.

Williams had a good time, too. “I love what I do,” she said.

The video can be viewed at The eight students are, in order of appearance: Emily Garza-Castillo, Lauren Davis, Tamaris Bryant, Yvonne Flores, Val Cruchon, Mariah Jones, Celeaha Munoz and Jennifer Morales-Alfaro.

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Congratulations to Juanita Williams and her students in COS 240! And thanks for sharing!