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FTCC's Global Scholars Program

FTCC is a Global Distinction campus!NC GDP Logo

FTCC’s program of Global Distinction utilizes the international resources of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to help FTCC  be a truly global campus. FTCC’s Global Scholar’s program is committed to develop and offer courses and activities of a global nature that allow students to earn a global distinction credential. This program will provide access to resources needed to support students global education.

The World View Program at UNC is fast becoming recognized as a national model for university-community college cooperation in global learning. Global Distinction campuses commit to develop and offer globally intensive courses and activities through which students can earn a Global Distinction credential.

Additionally this program offers faculty support and access to resources needed to develop course offerings with support including:

  • Grant funding
  • Knowledge
  • Connections


Benefits of Becoming a Global Scholar

If you’re interested in the complexities and interrelationships among nations and peoples living in the 21st century, then this program was established to give you opportunities and incentives to learn more about global citizenry. As a global scholar, you will gain:

  • A competitive edge in employment opportunities that you can highlight on your resume
  • An academic distinction that will enhance your ability to transfer to the university of your choice
  • A certificate of recognition and a letter from the FTCC college president
  • A certificate of recognition from World View at UNC Chapel Hill
  • An opportunity to be recognized at graduation as a global scholar
  • An official designation on your academic transcript
  • Cultural competence to enhance your personal and professional future
  • Relationships and connections with people throughout the world

The Scholars of Global Distinction Program was established for students who want to explore the impact of culture, ethnicity, race, globalization, industrialization, environmental sustainability and access to natural and human resources through the courses they choose to take and the extracurricular activities in which they participate.Global Ed Student Flyer

What Do I Need to Know?

Apply Now

Application Process

Signing up for the Global Scholars Distinction Program is simple:

  • Carefully review the information on this site to become familiar with the program requirements
  • If you have questions email

After you submit your application, the Global Scholars Committee will email you to set up an appointment to create your portfolio and track your progress toward completion.