Ellucian Go (FTCC Mobile) App

lower case 'e' on purple backgroundThe Ellucian Go app helps you stay connected to Fayetteville Technical Community College like never before. You’ll have access to great features that make your campus experience more effective, more efficient, and more fun.


Search your app store for Ellucian GO or use the appropriate link from this list:


  • Campus maps that helps you to find your way around
  • Important FTCC phone numbers at your fingertips
  • View your daily and weekly class schedule.
  • View your current and past grades.
  • Receive notifications if you have a hold on your account that prevent you from registering for new classes.
  • Keep up with campus news & events


  1. Download the Ellucian Go app from Google Play, Apple App Store or Amazon (Kindle Fire).
  2. Launch the app and select ‘Fayetteville Technical Community College’ from the list of schools.
  3. Click ‘Sign In’ at the bottom of the screen and use your FTCC Single Login username and password to log in (same as your Computer/Network/WebAdvisor/Wifi Login)
  4. When you change your FTCC AD Single Login password, you will also need to log into the Ellucian Go app using your new password.


  • What credentials do I use to login?
    • You will need to use your FTCC Single Login (Computer/Network/WebAdvisor/Wifi Login). If you have forgotten your password, visit the self-service password reset page located at 1 Login to change and manage your FTCC password.
  • Why am I unable to sign in?
    • Make sure that you are using your Single Login username (not full email address) and password.
    • You may need to reset your password if it has expired. Go to the Password Reset page.
  • Where is my schedule?
    • When you click on ‘Courses’ you will see a daily calendar. You must then click ‘Full Schedule’ in either the top or bottom of the screen. You will see your schedule for the current semester and have the ability to swipe to the right to see past schedules.
  • What do I do if the app crashes?
    • Please check to make sure your device is listed in the supported devices.
    • Forcing the app to close through the task manager on Android devices may result in difficulty launching the app again.
    • If you encounter this error, go to ‘settings’ > ‘applications’ or ‘application manager’ > click on Ellucian Go > then force stop and clear cache. The Ellucian Go app should now launch again. The recommended closing procedure is to use the back or home button.
  • When I Press the Home Menu Item (Upper Left), why do I only see a few options?
    • Your device may not have the most current configuration. Choose the Switch School option, pick any other institution then switch back to FTCC. This will reload FTCC’s configuration to your device.
  • When I choose the Grades option I only get the message “There are no grades for this term.”. But I know I have grades.
    • No grades will not show up before mid-terms.
    • This also is typically the result of a hold placed on your account by the College. Be sure to look in Notifications to resolve any outstanding holds.
  • I know I am using the right username and password. Why do I get the message “Sign in Failed.”?
    • Many mobile devices have predictive keyboard options. The keyboard may input a space after your username. Be sure no extra characters are being added to the Username entry.

If you have problems using the Ellucian Go app, please contact the FTCC helpdesk help@faytechcc.edu.