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Success Coaches motivate and assist students through supportive relationships, helping them align their everyday actions to their short- and long-term goals.

Using a holistic approach, success coaches meet with students to provide guidance along their pathway to academic, professional and personal success within the context of the college experience.

Meet Your Success Coaches!

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McleanTeshia McLean

Teshia McLean was born and raised in North Carolina and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at North Carolina A&T State University and the University of Phoenix. Spending time with family and friends and listening to music are some of Teshia’s favorite activities. Teshia also believes in listening to her students and guiding them along a path to success.

Phone: 910-678-7341
Office: TRSC 106

Trojan Jump Start Program

The Trojan Jump Start program is a summer bridge enrichment opportunity that offers tuition-free courses to 50 recent high school graduates in either developmental Math or English, as well as ACA 122 (College Transfer Success). Participants are assigned a Success Coach and take courses as a cohort to build group cohesion. Participants are provided instructional materials and a laptop, and they participate in group activities and attend cultural/sporting events together to promote a positive collegiate experience. To apply, high school seniors will need an application, unofficial transcripts, and a letter from their high school counselor certifying them as being on target for graduation.


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What are the benefits of working with a Success Coach?

  • Assistance in choosing a program of study

  • Assistance with academic & study skills

  • Liaise between student services & academics

  • Personal and individualized attention

  • Provide strategies for academic & future success

  • Referrals to internal/external services and more!

Coaches and students interacting through a “get to know you” game


Q: Why should I meet with a Success Coach?

A: We are available to students who are seeking help with academic or personal concerns, program of study questions, college resources/activities information, off-campus resources, pathway to graduation planning and goal-setting/motivation.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: We prefer that you make an appointment so you can receive our full attention. But you can always drop in, send an email to, or call us at 910-678-8473

Q: Where are the Success Coaches located?

A: The coaches are conveniently located in the Tony Rand Student Center! Just stop by the front desk and ask to speak with us.

Q: What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

A: Bringing a career assessment would be helpful. Also, please bring any other relevant materials that you feel is related to your appointment.

Q: Does coaching require a long-term commitment?

A: We provide coaching services based on each student’s individual need. Some students may need to stop in only once while others may benefit from meetings throughout the semester.


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Student Success Story

This is where we take the opportunity to highlight our students’ successes. We are extremely proud of the efforts put forth to ensure that our students prosper in all aspects of their lives.

Jekael Gay

During his two years at FTCC, Jekael Gay was a shining star on the Men’s Basketball team. Jekael, who is from Ayden, NC, attended FTCC because of the College’s athletic opportunities. “Former teammates told me that Coach Hurd brings in a lot of college coaches in his practices,” he said. 

Jakael Gay

But being both a student and an athlete requires a delicate balance of focus, patience and drive. The transition from high school to college can be a difficult one. Like many student athletes, Jekael struggled a bit with having more freedom to focus on basketball. “It was the transition from high school to college…my time management was the hardest for me,” he explained. 

As a new student in the fall of 2019, Jekael met the success coaches that October. After spending some time getting to know the coaches and building trust, Jekael opened up to receiving help with staying on track scholastically. It paid off. In the Spring of 2020, his grades and the quality of his work improved. Having the success coaches to lean on and bounce ideas off of helped JeKael immeasurably.

When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, FTCC transitioned to online classes to protect students and employees. Jekael again found himself in a tough situation, so he reached out to his success coaches for assistance and support. He received help with understanding and submitting assignments and learned how to communicate properly with his instructors. Spring 2020 was not without its challenges, but Jekael completed the semester.

During the 2020-21 school year, he shone both academically and athletically, earning Region 10 All-Academic honors and graduating with his associate degree. He also transferred to Montreat College to continue his academic and athletic careers.

Before leaving FTCC, Jekael said the success coach program helped him to succeed. “They are very nice and willing to help,” he said. “Even with looking into scholarships. It’s a good program that other students should use.”

Great job, Jekael!

Cody Peyton

My name is Cody Peyton and I am a current Associates of the Arts student and basketball player at FTCC. Originally from Virginia, I have a passion for basketball and was offered a position with the Trojans. This led to my decision to attend FTCC.

I started out the 2019-2020 academic year struggling with the move to Fayetteville after the unexpected loss of a best friend, Luis Zambrana Jr. I struggled with getting to class on time, keeping up with school assignments, and just balancing all parts of my life. But in October of 2019, I met the Fayetteville Tech Success Coaches.

Cody PeytonThese coaches were friendly, easy to talk to and happy to help. They provided me with a safe place to talk about all of my concerns. They helped to motivate and encourage me with my classes, basketball and everything in between. They also took the time to educate me on my rights and responsibilities as a FTCC student. Not only did they provide me with academic resources, they also did things like walk with me to class to make sure I was on time and prepared! A few even showed support for the basketball team by attending games. It may have been small things for them, but it meant a lot to me. Even during this pandemic, they made sure to check-in with me and continue to encourage me to succeed.

Now, at the end of the Spring 2020 semester, I am proud to say that I have over a 3.0 GPA! I hope others have a chance to work with and benefit from the Success Coaching program. I am beyond appreciative to the Success Coaches and all that they do!

Diemen Duvermont

Mr. Duvermont was a student at FTCC who majored in the Associates of Fine Arts: Music program. Mr. Duvermont has dreams of becoming a high school band instructor. He plays multiple instruments to include the clarinet, trumpet and piano! However, the path to reach this career goal was wrought with pain and hardship. Having lost his father, Mr. Duvermont was placed into foster care at the age of 14, where he bounced from family to family until he landed in Fayetteville. Mr. Duvermont graduated from Jack Britt High School with a high grade point average then began his studies at FTCC. Mr. Duvermont found a family of sorts at FTCC when he joined the Y.E.S (You + Effort = Success) and First Year Connections which offers male mentoring and support for first-generation college students, respectively.

Diemen Duvermont

Mr. Duvermont experienced an extenuating circumstance that resulted in him becoming homeless. Not knowing who to turn to for help, Mr. Duvermont’s dream of becoming a band instructor was now in jeopardy. Upset and afraid for his future, Mr. Duvermont reached out to his Success Coach, Timothy Scott. After finding out Mr. Duvermont’s situation, he quickly brought in the help and ideas of all the Success Coaches. Together, the Success Coaches were able to help Mr. Duvermont locate emergency funding to circumvent his living situation. The coaches advocated for Mr. Duvermont with his instructors at FTCC to keep him on track to transfer to a university. The coaches also worked daily to ensure Mr. Duvermont was safe and did not go hungry. Mr. Duvermont also sought help on his own; receiving help from the Disability Support Services & Accessibility office as well as The Learning Center.

After a trying Fall 2019 semester, Mr. Duvermont was able to successfully transfer to Fayetteville State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music. He is following his passion and have not given up on his dream. Mr. Duvermont has expressed, “Don’t be afraid to dream because that is where it all starts.”