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Beginning Fall 2019, FTCC will be implementing the Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) developmental model. This new co-requisite model will transition the College from the current pre-requisite developmental model.

Students will no longer be required to take developmental courses prior to reaching gateway math and English courses. As a result, DRE and DMA courses will no longer be offered at the College. Current, returning, and new students will be placed by unweighted high school GPA into one of three categories:

  • Students with a GPA 2.8+ may register for any class without mandatory additional supports.
  • Students with a GPA 2.2 – 2.799 may enroll in a gateway course with a mandatory co-requisite.
  • Students with a GPA < 2.2 must enroll in a one-semester transition course.
RISE Tenets

The following are tenets of the new model:

  • We aim to improve success rates in gateway level math and English classes
  • We will place more students in gateway level math and English with mandated co-requisite support
  • We will provide one semester (or less) of developmental education to students entering the community college system with a high school GPA below 2.2 and more than two points below the ACT benchmarks
  • We will provide student success skills, growth mindset activities, and soft skills in co-requisite courses
  • We will provide math co-requisite courses that are aligned specifically with a student’s gateway level math course
  • We strive to ensure we are able to effectively collect data and assess the efficacy of RISE
  • Elimination of a placement test, except in rare cases

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