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FTCC’s Attendance Policy on page 27 of the College Catalog has been updated with the following change:

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Old text:

If absences exceed 20% (10 % for developmental studies courses), at any point during the term, the faculty member may:  withdraw the student from the course, or allow the student to continue in the course under conditions set by the instructor. If the student has not met the conditions set by the instructor within fifteen (15) working days of the 20% point, the student will be withdrawn from the course.

Changed to:

The College believes that when students attend class regularly they are demonstrating responsibility and commitment to their education. Students must be in attendance during the first 10 percent of the class to be considered enrolled. A student will be withdrawn from a course when absences exceed 20% of the total course hours, or 14 consecutive calendar days, whichever comes first. Attendance in online educational courses is defined as a graded activity. Absences due to late registration are counted as regular attendances. Students should refer to course syllabi for specific attendance requirements.