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Who:  FTCC Faculty Professional Development

What: NC-Net Academy-Start Teaching Today (for New-to-Teaching CTE Instructors)

Online Professional Development Program for Faculty

The NC-NET Academy offers courses in various formats and lengths to meet the needs of busy instructors. There are fully facilitator-led courses, lightly-facilitated or “guided” courses, and on-demand, self-enrolled courses, all delivered asynchronously via Moodle. Academy courses weave together readings, activities, and opportunities for participants to share stories from their lives (and their classrooms), pose questions to the group, and develop immediately-useful teaching resources. Enrollment is open to part-time or full-time community college instructors in North Carolina, with special emphasis on career and technical faculty. The courses provide an opportunity for faculty from across the state to network with and learn from each other.

5-week asynchronous course with weekly objectives/discussions and facilitated capstone project.  Completers earn a professional development badge and stipend.

Participants should plan to spend 5-7 hours per week on course assignments.  Completers receive a $100 stipend, and a digital badge. (Course tuition is free.)  Further course information is found on the Academy Details web page.

Course topics include:

What Do I Need for the First Day of Class?
How Do I Create a Positive Classroom Climate?
How Can I Enrich the Learning Experience?
How Do I Know What They Know? Incorporating Authentic Assessment Practices
CAPSTONE PROJECT: Ready, Set, Go! Next Steps for Instruction (Week 5)

When:  January 20 – February 24, 2023  Click on the link to the enrollment form directly below the course dates on the Academy  Course Schedule page

Where: Asynchronous Delivery

Questions: Faculty can contact Holly Doughty ( with any questions!