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Program Coordinator: Larry "Andy" Harmon
  • Learn core skills needed to begin your career while specializing in Ford’s key areas that are needed to compete in the fast growing automotive retail market.

  • You will come out of this program ready to join the work force immediately.

Become an Automotive Service Technician

The Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program is an alliance between Ford Motor Company and FTCC.

How Can I Become One?

As a member of the Ford Technical Career Entry Program, FTCC delivers Service Technician Specialty Training credentials that Ford and Lincoln dealerships require.

Why Should I Consider This Career?

The Maintenance & Light Repair program leads you to a solid career path starting as a Ford/Lincoln Automotive Technician. Program graduates shared their motivation for building their careers at Ford and Lincoln dealerships:

  1. “We are well treated by our managers and they appreciate our ideas.”
  2. “It’s a great work environment, and we like helping our customers.”
  3. “We receive recognition, support and job security.”
These are powerful statements in an industry that is competitive and in high demand.

How Long Will it Take?

You’ll spend 9-12 months in Ford Factory training to prepare you for an entry level technician position at a Ford or Lincoln dealership, or a Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center.

What Will I Learn?

You’ll earn Ford Service Technician Specialty Training credentials in:

  • Steering & Suspension
  • Electrical Systems
  • Climate Control
  • Brake Systems
What Do I Earn?

During the course of the program you will earn five certifications From Ford Motor Company that are valid nationwide.
The Ford MLR program also prepares students for the ASE Certification. The ASE certifications are valid nationwide

FTCC Program Information

Upon completion of the Maintenance and Light Repair program, students will have the option to go straight to work with a Ford dealer, or continue their education at FTCC and earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

Program Features

  • 8 Week Classes
  • Rolling Start Dates
  • Affordable Tuition Rates
  • Ford Training & Credentials
  • 2 Semester Completion

Ford Maintenance & Light Repair I Certificate (C60160C6)

Program Length: 1 Semester
Prerequisite: High School Diploma, Placement Test Equivalent
Award: Certificate

Ford Maintenance & Light Repair II Certificate (C60160C7)

Program Length: 1 Semester
Prerequisite: High School Diploma, Placement Test Equivalent
Award: Certificate

Automotive Systems Diagnostics

FORD Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR)

The Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Part I course educates students in the operation and diagnostic/repair of automotive brakes and electrical systems, shop procedures and safety, and PC-based diagnostic equipment and scan tools.

Courses in the Ford MLR program can be transferred directly into the Automotive Systems Technology Associate Degree curriculum (Brake Systems/Lab, Introduction to Transportation Technology, Basic Transportation Electricity, PC Skills for Transportation).

The Ford Maintenance & Light Repair program is designed to meet the educational requirements for the Ford certifications in North Carolina. Please see the disclosure chart for information regarding Ford certifications in other states.