Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. J. Larry Keen

Dr. J. Larry Keen FTCC President

Lorna Ricotta

Mrs. Lorna Ricotta Foundation Exec. Director

Dan Dederick

Mr. Dan Dederick Chair

Janene Aul

Mrs. Janene Aul Vice Chair

Ben Chambers

Mr. Ben Chambers Secretary

Jason Poole

Mr. Jason Poole, II Treasurer

Kevin Bunn

Mr. Kevin Bunn Assistant Treasurer

Jim Ammons

Mr. James “Jim” Ammons

Doug Byrd III

Mr. Doug Byrd, III Past Chair

Murray Duggins

Mr. Murray O. Duggins, Jr.

Dick Fox

Mr. Dick Fox

Brandon Harrell

Mr. Brandon Harrell

Brad Hurley

Mr. Brad Hurley

Hilton Hutchens

Mr. Hutch Hutchens FTCC Board of Trustees Member

Andrea Jacobs

Dr. Andrea Jacobs

Ned Johnson

Mr. Ned Johnson

Alex Keith

Mr. Alex Keith

Dan McNeill

Gen. (RET) Dan McNeill

Sheel Patel

Dr. Sheel Patel

John Quinn

Mr. John Quinn

Chris Rey

Christia “Chris” Rey

Margi Shah

Mrs. Margi Shah

Harry Shaw

Mr. Harry Shaw

Yvette Stokes

Dr. Yvette Stokes

Sharlene Williams

Ms. Sharlene Williams

David Wilson

Mr. David Wilson

Garry Winebarger

Mr. Garry Winebarger

Rebecca Britton

Mrs. Rebecca Britton

Jerry Dean

Mr. Jerry Dean

Additional Members:
Mr. Jesse Byrd, Jr.
Mr. Charles Koonce
Summer and Fall Registration
Student Services will be opened on Saturday, May 21st for registration from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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