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Executive Director: Sandy Ammons
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FTCC Foundation partners with donors to support Fayetteville Technical Community College by raising awareness and financial resources to provide college access for students to attain their educational and career goals.

The Foundation staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss the various ways you can support our students and the college. FTCC Foundation administers over 200 funds created with contributions from generous donors. Any donor may contribute to an existing fund. It is an easy process to create a new fund or scholarship that matches your philanthropic goals with causes you are passionate about.

When you donate to FTCC Foundation, you will receive a charitable tax deduction that may provide significant savings on your taxes.


The Foundation staff is happy to talk with donors over the phone, by Zoom, or meet in person. Contact FTCC Foundation today to start the conversation.

Sandy Ammons

Sandy Ammons
FTCC Foundation, Executive Director

Giving Opportunities

In addition to annual fundraising events, Fayetteville Technical Community College Foundation, Inc. offers several ways in which interested donors can contribute to helping students pursue an education and achieve their goals. Each gift helps FTCC fulfill its mission and provide direct and indirect resources to enhance student success. Together, we help our peers, students, and community to achieve more.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you in establishing a scholarship for our students. To request additional information, please contact Mrs. Sandy Ammons at 910-678-8201 

The FTCC Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

FTCC's Foundation

Purposes of the FoundationPrint
  1. Raise money from private sources to build up the FTCC Foundation financial base.
  2. Manage the collection, investment, and distribution of private gifts for FTCC students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Provide meaningful programs and services to FTCC Alumni and friends by managing an effective alumni program.

The Foundation’s financial records are audited annually by an independent auditor. The audit report may be viewed at the Foundation’s office upon request. In addition, the Foundation’s IRS tax return can be viewed online at guidestar.org.


Fayetteville Technical Community College Foundation, in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office, awards scholarships to current and incoming students. Scholarships are available based on financial need, major, or academic performance.

Endowed Scholarships

What is an Endowed Scholarship?

An endowed scholarship is one in which the principal is invested for long-term appreciation, and only the income from the investment of the funds will be used to award scholarships. The donors of endowed scholarships have the satisfaction of knowing that their gift is perpetual and is used only for the specific purposes prescribed by them. Endowed scholarships are typically named in honor or memory of an individual or in the name of an organization or business.

The benefactor of an FTCC Foundation, Inc. scholarship chooses the criteria which determines the eligibility of a student for a particular scholarship. As with all other contributions to the FTCC Foundation, Inc., contributions to scholarship funds are tax-deductible donations.

Donation Amount

In order for your gift to fund a perpetual scholarship, the FTCC Foundation, Inc. encourages a minimum level of $15,000 for endowed scholarships. Donors may make an initial investment below $15,000 with later investments increasing the amount to $15,000 or more.

For example, a donor may contribute $5,000 to establish the endowment for the first year. For the next two years, the donor would contribute an additional $5,000 to the endowment to reach the $15,000 necessary. It is recommended to only award a scholarship once the $15,000 level is attained, unless a donor contributes an annual sum to cover one scholarship.

If a scholarship is not endowed with a minimum of $15,000 within three years of its establishment, the funds may be transferred to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund or awarded as a scholarship based on the direction of the Foundation Finance Committee or its designee. However, the Foundation will first consult with the endowed scholarship donor.

Tom McLean Ambassadors Scholarship Program

The Tom McLean Ambassador Program is an honorary group of students selected to represent Fayetteville Technical Community College. Each FTCC Ambassador commits to one full year of service to FTCC, participating in events as needed, and receives a scholarship as recognition for their service.

The FTCC Student Ambassadors are involved in a variety of activities both on campus and in the community. Activities include assisting with on-campus registration, graduation fairs and ceremonies, fundraisers for FTCC, and various campus events.

Program Benefits
Receive a $1,300 scholarship ($650 each semester)
Form friendships with FTCC students, faculty, alumni, administrators, staff, and VIP’s
Develop leadership skills
Network with community leaders and employers
Receive employment and College application skills
We encourage you to apply for this prestigious opportunity to be the face of FTCC!

How to Apply


    1. Enroll at FTCC and have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours to qualify.
    2. Submit an Online Application
    3. Provide required documents
      1. Email to scholarship@faytechcc.edu
      2. USPS mail addressed to:
        Fayetteville Technical Community College
        Scholarship Committee
        P.O. Box 35236
        Fayetteville, NC 28303

Additional Documents

Student’s full name must be included on each of the following:

  1. Two letters of reference from someone within the FTCC educational community (instructor, staff person, alumnus, or administrator)
  2. List of community service, awards, and/or accomplishments

Tom McLean Ambassadors