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A graduate in cap and gown stands slightly turned to the side while smiling at the camera. She is wearing two gold cords and a medal on a black and gold ribbon around her neck.

Wanda Williams Johnson, a 64-year-old Fayetteville native, graduated with Highest Honors on May 13, 2022, with an Associate in General Education. She runs an in-home daycare. She has one son, three granddaughters and one great grandchild.

“This is my second degree at FTCC. My first degree is in Early Childhood Education. I’m transferring into UNC Pembroke, so I’ve come back to FTCC to continue to get my general education credits so I can transfer to Pembroke to complete my B.A. in Sociology.

“I’ve run an in-home daycare here in Fayetteville for 20 years. That’s what the degree has helped me to do. I’m allowed to have eight kids per shift, and I run three shifts. I’m a four-star facility. My daycare name is We Are the Future, because that’s what our children are. They’re our future.

“I’ve learned people. Children become adults. It’s helped me as I understand adults because we were all once children. There’s a broadness in how children are to be raised and reared. It takes everybody to create the village. Everybody needs to help in all areas when it comes to children.

“Life changes. Everything changes. If you don’t continue your education, you’ll fall through the cracks. Because nothing waits for anybody. It’s important to learn everything while you’re able. Because there will come a day, maybe when I hit 93 like my mother did because she passed away in January of this year, when I can sit on my front porch and know that I have impacted somebody’s life during my lifespan.”