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A graduate wearing her cap and gown and a gold stole and medal around her neck poses for the camera.

Erin Reid, 24, graduated with an Associate in Applied Science – Nursing and is a student-athlete with FTCC Softball. The Fayetteville native said the challenges nurses faced during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic served to reaffirm her longtime aspiration to become a nurse.

“I’ve really always wanted to help people, and I figured that the best and most direct way to help people and impact their lives was to become a nurse.

“(The pandemic) made me feel like it was more important than ever. During the pandemic, we needed such passionate and caring nurses taking care of the people who were there, because the patients didn’t have any contact with the outside world.

“I’ve got a job. I’m going to work for Cape Fear Valley on May 23. I’m excited and nervous.”