Academic Assessment & Placement

Curriculum courses at FTCC require foundational skills in reading, English and math. Unless applicants meet one of the test exemptions, the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC DAP) test is required to evaluate any areas in which you need refresher help.


  1. Complete RDS Application
  2. Current Admissions Application
  3. Official Photo Identification
    (i.e. driver’s license, school, military, passport, or work ID) that bears your first and last name

About the NC DAP

– Test Format
– Testing Schedule – locations, hours, & how to schedule an appointment
– Test Exemptions
– Practice Resources
– Online/Distance Students

Additional Tests

– ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) Exam
– Automotive Service Exam


In order to retest all or parts of the NC DAP, you must demonstrate completion of either a pre-curriculum course, a practice test, or a Student Learning Center workshop. Students may not retake the assessment while enrolled in a DMA or DRE course until after the 90% point of class.

Students who plan to challenge a curriculum level course must contact the Department Chairperson of the appropriate department to request a Proficiency Exam.

Proficiency Exams are given under the following conditions:

– A student passes a preliminary screening given by a Department Chairperson.
– A student registers for the course in order to take a Proficiency Exam.
– A student completes a Proficiency Exam within the first four class days of the semester.

Request Test Scores

An official copy of your NC DAP or ACCUPLACER score(s) may be mailed to an educational institution or business establishment of your choice. Please specify the department or individual to whom the results should be forwarded and use this form:

Request for Placement Scores

Note: NC DAP scores expire five years from the date taken and ACCUPLACER scores expire three years from date taken.

Request Scores