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FTCC Exit Survey (Required for all Graduates)   

Complete the FTCC Exit Survey
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Federal Exit Survey (Loan Borrowers Only)

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Upcoming Graduation Deadline

Summer 2021 Semester Application Deadline                                                           August 6, 2021

Graduation Events (2020 Fall – 2021 Summer)

Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony                                              May 14, 2021

Time: 10:00AM
Location: FTCC Campus

FTCC Virtual Graduation Ceremony                                                    May 15, 2021

Time: 1:00PM

Application Dates & Deadlines

2020/2021 Graduation Year Dates (2020FA, 2021SP, 2021SU Graduates)

December 4, 2020 Fall 2020 Grad Application Deadline
March 5, 2021 Spring 2021 Grad Application Deadline
March 22, 2021 Grad Application Deadline for Graduation Ceremony
March 30, 2021 Graduation Fair
April 1 – 18, 2021 Grad Ceremony Website Open for Photo Uploads and Personal Message
April 14, 2021 Graduation Program Deadline
April 25, 2021 Deadline for Cap and Gown Orders
May 14, 2021 Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony
May 15, 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony
August 6, 2021 Summer 2021 Grad Application Deadline
August 31, 2021 Deadline to submit 2020/2021 Graduation Application Refund

**Students who apply for graduation after April 14th, 2021 will not have their name in the printed grad ceremony program.

Graduation FAQ's


Will FTCC Provide Graduation Announcements?

FTCC Announcements are currently to be determined.

Do the Announcements say my name?

  • No, they only say the time and location of the event
  • You can purchase personalized announcements through our third-party vendor Balfour