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Trinity Jones wears a jeans jacket and a necklace that says Trinity.

Trinity Jones has a curious mind. Her interests range from scientific research to psychology to criminology. But there’s a common thread behind the topics that capture her fascination.

“There’s a few interests, but at the heart of them, there’s always science,” she says.

That interest has landed the 21-year-old Georgia native at FTCC, earning her Associate in Science, where she’s excelling with a 3.67 GPA.

Her latest interest lies in the molecular biology study of genomics. She’s exploring her curiosity in the topic this summer at University of North Carolina’s Educational Pathways to Increase Diversity in Genomics (EDGE Genomics) program.

The two-year program offers training in research skills, education, and mentoring to undergraduate students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds.

FTCC Biology Instructor Risa Pino encouraged Trinity to apply for the program.

“I’m interested in genomics in the sense that I’m interested in how mutations come about, in the natural sciences and in biodiversity,” she says. “But the main thing for me is that I’m interested in learning more about genes.”

Trinity is in Chapel Hill for three weeks this month for the first part of the program. She’ll return next summer for Year 2, which is an eight-week stretch taking place in the university’s research labs.

“I’m excited to share the opportunity with my peers,” Trinity says. “Even though I’ve conducted research in a classroom setting, I’ve never actually conducted research with people who are passionate about what they’re conducting research for. I’m excited about the conversations we’re going to have.”