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Fro the second year of the program, the Trojans honor their sophomores with a win. This year was a win over Catawba Valley, 92-87, and finalizes the first winning season, 15-13, overall and 11-9, in the Carolinas Virginia Conference. This puts FTCC in a tie for 6th place with Wake Tech. Last year, the final win snapped a 20 game losing streak and kept the Trojans out of the basement of the conference. Although this has been a good year, there is more to play, and this team can beat anyone in the CVC.

Sophomores, Kehlo Chavis, Tristen Rodriguez, Jonathan Adams, Rahman Mateen, and Austin Edwards, started the game at Reid Ross. Although this is not the typical line-up, these players have been contributors all year and deserved a start in their last regular season game. Although the Red Hawks went out to an early lead, the starters kept FTCC in the game. The first half was not a well played game by either team as the fouls added up very quickly. The Trojans put the Red Hawks in the bonus by the 14:55 mark in the half. The Red Hawks did have the opportunity to take several free throws, but were unable to make much from the field. They did make 3 pt shots, but the inside defense of the Trojans kept them from jumping out too far. A couple lapses allowed the Red Hawks to gain a 51-42 lead at the half.

The Red Hawks made a couple tops to start the second half to go out 58-44, before the Trojans started their comeback. Johnny Hughes and Jabari Bowman spurred the scoring with 20 and 19 pts, respectively. Rodriguez and Alex Mims hit a couple key 3 pt shots in the half, as well. Strong team defense down the stretch and good free throw shooting helped them to remain out front; winning, 92-87.

The Trojans will have to get better team balance to go deep, but they have played well against every team ahead of them in the conference. From now on, it is a win and advance. This has been a good year, and it is not over yet.

FTCC      42  50    92

CVCC     51  46    87

FTCC      Haymer, 2, Adams, 9, Kuhns, 13, Bowman, 19, Rodriguez, 13, Mims, 9, Stover, 2, Miller, 3, Hughes, 20, Edwards, 2

3 Pt.       7, Kuhns, 1, Bowman, 1, Rodriguez, 2, Mims, 3

Fouls     23, Haymer, 1, Chavis, 1, Bowman, 3, Guthrie, 1, Mateen, 2, Rodriguez, 3, Mims, 1, Stover, 1, Miller, 4, Hughes, 4, Edwards, 2

CVCC     Oglesby, 21, Talley, 16, Williams, 6, Bryson, 2, Ruszala, 4, Boyd, 4, Garay, 6, Tshiona, 15, Johnson, 13

3 Pt.       8, Oglesby, 3, Talley, 3, Williams, 2

Fouls     Oglesby, 4, Talley, 3, Williams, 4, Phillips, 1, Palmer, 1, Riszala, 4, Boyd, 2, Garay, 2, Tshiona, 2, Johnson, 3