Fayetteville Technical Community College and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) have partnered to provide an insurance pre-licensing program for Cumberland County!  If you’re looking for a profitable, professional work opportunity and you want to enter a career field that can lead to advancement, then working as a NC Licensed Insurance Agent is a great place to start!  FTCC and Blue Cross NC are making it more accessible to become a NC Licensed Insurance Agent than ever before, through their sponsorship program. Through this program, you have the opportunity to apply to receive funding that will cover your course tuition, course fees and licensure upon completion of the program. Those who would like to register and pay for the training program are also welcome to sign up following the steps below (not seeking financial assistance).

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) requires that individuals complete an approved and mandated pre-licensing education course. FTCC’s program is offering the following training program to effectively prepare students for success in the field!

Course Outline

  1. Human Resources Development (HRD) courses:  Students must successfully complete the following to qualify for entry into the Pre-Licensing courses.
    1. Working Smart (24 hours) is designed to provide job-seekers with the soft skills necessary to be successful and productive in the workplace.  The training consists of five modules including self-awareness, self-management, work ethic, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.
    2. Career Readiness Certificate (CRC):  The CRC provides job candidates with a nationally recognized credential that certifies the essential skills for workplace success in three areas:  applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy.
  2. Following successful completion of the Working Smart Course and obtaining the Career Readiness Certificate, students will take three pre-licensing insurance courses, taught by a DOI approved Instructor. Upon successful completion of each course (passing grade on the final exam), students will receive an Admission Ticket to take the NCDOI exam.
    1. Life Insurance (20 hours)
    2. Health Insurance (20 hours)
    3. Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care Insurance (10 hours)
  3. To prepare students for their job search, students will take the Networking and Interviewing Skills course (3 hours) and the Job Search Plus course (6 hours).  Students will also work with an instructor in the Resumes that Work open lab to create a resume and cover letter as well as search and apply for employment.

The first class is scheduled to begin in March 2023, beginning with the HRD portion (noted in #1 of the course outline). Upon successful submission of your application, you will be contacted by FTCC’s office to notify you of your application status and the next steps to register for the classes.

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Working Smart + CRC - These are pre-requisites for students wanting to register for the Insurance program. Following successful completion of these pre-requisite courses, students will be required to complete and pass all 3 insurance training courses in order to obtain tickets for NC licensure exam vouchers.

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Admission is open to anyone 18yrs of age or older. (See current course catalogs for individual program requirements.)
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