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Why Study Leadership?

Leadership changes the world. We study it so we can be successful leaders for organizations now and in the future.  Our Leadership Studies program is looking for students who have the passion, drive, and commitment to confront challenges in a constantly changing global world.  Are you ready to meet the challenge?

What Skill Sets are Required

In today’s global environment, organizations and communities want leaders that can guide them and drive positive changes.  Skills needed include:
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Management
  • Effective Communication

What to Expect:

Course Work

Course work includes various subject areas related to leadership involving data driven decision making, change management, strategic leadership, leadership planning, team-building, leadership capacity, motivation and effective communication.

Career Paths

Graduates may qualify for leadership positions in the public and private sectors. Occupations may include positions specific to the military, governmental agencies, public policy, non-governmental agencies, law enforcement and homeland security.

Fact Sheet for Leadership Studies Associate Degree Program 

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Associate Degree

Leadership Studies (A25830)

Length: 5 Semesters
Prerequisite: High School Diploma, Placement Test Equivalent
Award: Associate in Applied Science

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