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Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

What is the Ultra Base Navigation?

It is a modern, intuitive navigation menu that lives outside of courses. It includes links to new pages such as the Activity Stream, Calendar, Messages, etc. that provide quick access to the most critical information consolidated from all your courses. 

How will this enhance your efficiency and experience?

  • Modern, intuitive user experience. You and your students are going to enjoy this simple, intuitive, engaging user experience
  • Works well on mobile devices. This navigation is designed to work well regardless of which device you’re using
  • Aggregates important information. All your course and organization information – like calendar, messages and grades – is now consolidated into one global view, minimizing the time spent navigating into each individual course.
  • Only one click away. See something that needs your attention? Just click on it and you will be taken directly there, minimizing clicks and saving time.

Blackboard Learn©®™

Blackboard Learn©®™

Blackboard Learn©®™ is the course management system used by FTCC for online course delivery.

Blackboard allows students to communicate with instructors, submit assignments, participate in class discussions, complete assessments, etc.

Each student has a unique username for Blackboard that is also used for campus computer access, Student Email and WebAdvisor. 

Required Course Standards

FTCC Blackboard Template

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FTCC Blackboard Template


Blackboard Resources

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally works seamlessly with your Learning Management System (LMS) to gauge the accessibility of your content. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility.



Bb Learn: For Instructors

Learn to structure a course by using folders, customizing the course menu, and adding events to the course calendar.