Programs Eligible for Financial Aid

The following FTCC programs are eligible for Federal Financial Aid as of January 2016:

Associate Degree Programs

– All Associate Degree Programs
– All Two-Year Transfer Programs that will lead to a four-year degree at a four-year institution

Diploma Programs

– Carpentry (D35180)
– Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology (D60100)
– Dental Assisting (D45240)
– Emergency Medical Science (D45340)
– NC Funeral Director (D55260)
– Nursing Assistant/Therapeutic & Diagnostic Diploma (D45930/D45970)
– Pharmacy Technology (D45580)
– Plumbing (D35300)
– Practical Nursing (D45660)
– Simulation and Game Development/SG Design Development (D25450D2)
– Simulation and Game Development/Simulation Programming Tech (D25450D3)
– Surgical Technology (D45740
– Surgical Technology (D45740)
– Surgical Technology Bridging (D45740B)
– Welding Technology (D50420)

Certificate Programs

– Accounting/Cost Managerial Accounting (C25100C5)
– Accounting/Payroll Accounting (C25100C1)
– Accounting/Small Business Entrepreneur (C25100C4)
– Accounting/Tax Preparation (C25100C2)
– Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (C35100)
– Automotive Systems Technology/Automotive Engine Performance (C60160C2)
– Automotive Systems Technology/Automotive Suspension, Brakes & Heat/Air (C60160C1)
– Automotive Systems Technology/Medium/Heavy Truck Maintenance (C60160C5)
– Basic Law Enforcement Training (C55120)
– Building Construction Technology (C35140C3)
– Business Admin/Banking and Finance/Bank Lending (C2512AC2)
– Business Admin/HR Management/Equal Opportunity & Employee Relations (C2512CC1)
– Business Admin/Human Resources Mgmt/Human Resources Leadership (C2512CC5)
– Business Admin/Human Resources Mgmt/Payroll and Benefits Specialist (C2512CC2)
– Business Admin/Human Resources Mgt/Human Resources Assist (C2512CC4)
– Business Administration/Banking and Finance/Fundamentals of Banking (C2512AC1)
– Business Administration/Contract Management (C25120C8)
– Business Administration/Entrepreneurial Innovation (C25120C6)
– Business Administration/Entrepreneurial Innovation (C25120C7)
– Business Administration/Entrepreneurship I (C25120C5)
– Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing (C2512FC1)
– Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing/e-Marketing (C2512FC3)
– Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing/Sales & Customer Serv (C2512FC2)
– Business Administration/Operations Management/Logistics Management (C2512GC1)
– Business Administration/Operations Management/Project Leadership (C2512GC4)
– Business Administration/Operations Management/Total Quality (C2512GC2)
– Business Administration/Operations Mgmt/Acquisitions and Procurement (C2512GC3)
– Business Administration/Organizational Leadership (C25120C9)
– Business Administration/Public Admin/Gov Procurement and Contract ( C2512HC2)
– Business Administration/Public Administration/Community Leadership (C2512HC1)
– Business Administration/Public Administration/Nonprofit Management ( C2512HC3)
– Business Administration/Small Business Management (C25120C2)
– Business Administration/Small Business Startup (C25120C1)
– Central Sterile Processing (C45180)
– Computer Information Technology (C25260C1)
– Computer Information Technology/Hardware and Software (C25260C3)
– Computer-Integrated Machining (C50210C1)
– Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (C55160)
– Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence (C5518AC1)
– Culinary Arts (Culinary Technology/Pantry Chef (Garde Manger)(C55150C1)
– Early Childhood Associate / Infant/Toddler Care Cert (C55220C5)
– Early Childhood Associate/Child Care Administration (C55220C1)
– Early Childhood Associate/Child Care Development (C55220C2)
– Early Childhood Associate/Child Care Professional (C55220C3)
– Early Childhood Associate/Lateral Entry Teacher (C55220C6)
– Electrical Systems Technology/Basic Electricity, Motor & Control (C35130C1)
– Electronics Engineering Technology ( C40200C1)
– Esthetics Instructor Certificate (C55270)
– Esthetics Technology (C55230)
– Horticulture Technology/Horticulture Science ( C15240C2)
– Hospitality Management/Event Planning (C25110C2)
– Hospitality Management/Hotel and Lodging (C25110C3)
– Hospitality Management/Restaurant Management (C25110C4)
– Infant Toddler Care Certificate (C55290)
– Mammography (C45830)
– Manicuring/Nail Technology Certificate (C55400)
– Medical Office Administration (C25310C1)
– Medical Office Administration/Dental Office Specialist (C25310C3)
– Medical Office Administration/Inpatient Medical Coding (C25310C4)
– Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding Specialist (C25310C2)
– Nursing Assistant Certificate (C45480)
– Office Administration/Basic Office Administration (C25370C1)
– Office Administration/Office Finance Specialist (C25370C2)
– Plumbing/Basic Plumbing (C35300C1)
– Simulation and Game Development/Interactive 3D (C25450C2)
– Simulation and Game Development/SG Programming (C25450C3)
– Web Technologies/Server Side Web Programming (C25290C5)
– Web Technologies/Web Back-Office (C25290C4)
– Web Technologies/Web Basics (C25290C1)
– Web Technologies/Web Database (C25290C6)
– Web Technologies/Web Management (C25290C3)
– Welding Technology/Basic Welding (C50420C1)