Financial Aid eFORMS

Financial Aid Electronic Forms (eFORMS) is a powerful tool accessible from WebAdvisor that can be used to submit missing documents to the Financial Aid Office. The eFORM is linked to a student’s WebAdvisor account.

When a student submits a completed eFORM, the Financial Aid Office receives an immediate notification. Once all required forms are received, a student’s file will be reviewed. If a form is missing information or is completed incorrectly, it will be rejected and the student will receive an email detailing the corrections needed.

Accessing eFORMS

  1. Read Understanding Financial Aid E-Forms (PDF)
  2. Login to WebAdvisor
  3. Select “Financial Aid eFORMS” under the Financial Aid Section

Use the icons at the top to view all forms, saved drafts, forms you need to submit, and copies of completed forms.