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Satisfactory Academic Progress

SAP Calculators

At the end of every Spring semester, after grades have posted to official transcripts, the Financial Aid Office reviews each student’s academic history and notifies those who are being placed on financial aid termination. All students placed on termination will receive access information for a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form which details the standards.

The minimum standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress includes the following:

  1. A student is considered to be in good academic standing when he or she earns a cumulative Financial Aid Grade Point Average (FA GPA) at the following intervals:1-24 credit hours (1.6)
    25-47 credit hours (1.8)
    48+ credit hours (2.0)

Note: This may be different than a student’s transcript cumulative academic grade point average. A student must have a 2.0 cumulative academic GPA and major GPA in order to meet the requirements for graduation.

  1. Complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative credit hours attempted (including all transfer credits).
  2. Complete less than 150% of the reported program length for one Associates Degree, one Diploma, and/or one Certificate (including all transfer credits).

Students who are not meeting the minimum standards will be placed on financial aid termination. Students on termination are not eligible to receive any federal or state financial aid. Financial aid awards for upcoming semesters will be cancelled.

Students may submit an appeal using the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form with appropriate documentation attached to explain any extenuating circumstances that prevented them from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Please note that supporting documents must be attached as PDF or TIFF files as our system no longer accepts .JPGS/.JPEGS as attachments.

The Financial Aid Office will respond to appeal requests once they are received through our electronic submission process. The Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Services and/or the Associate Vice President for Student Services may make professional judgment calls regarding all appeals. The full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available below.

Class Withdrawal Policy

College Refund Policy

When a student withdraws from the college, refunds will be returned to the programs from which the student received aid. The date of withdrawal is determined by the Registration and Records Office and is based upon the date the Withdrawal Form is completed including all signatures and is submitted to the Registration and Records Office. Refunds are processed according to the refund policy.


Financial Aid Electronic Forms (eFORMS) is a powerful tool accessible from WebAdvisor that can be used to submit missing documents to the Financial Aid Office. The eFORM is linked to a student’s WebAdvisor account.

When a student submits a completed eFORM, the Financial Aid Office receives an immediate notification. Once all required forms are received, a student’s file will be reviewed. If a form is missing information or is completed incorrectly, it will be rejected and the student will receive an email detailing the corrections needed.

Accessing eFORMS

  1. Read Understanding Financial Aid E-Forms (PDF)
  2. Login to WebAdvisor
  3. Select “Financial Aid eFORMS” under the Financial Aid Section

Use the icons at the top to view all forms, saved drafts, forms you need to submit, and copies of completed forms.

Important Policies

Course Repeat Policy

Students may only receive federal financial aid funding for one repeat of a previously passed course.

More Financial Aid Resources

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