Fayetteville Technical Community College has constructed a specially equipped indoor facility to provide swift water rescue training.
Swift water rescue training is critically important in an increasingly flood-prone world.
Because of hurricanes and torrential rainstorms, dangerous flood and swift water situations can happen almost anywhere. Emergency personnel who face these situations need specialized training that can be difficult and dangerous to arrange in natural outdoor settings.
The facility contains a 140,000-gallon indoor tank created by Fathom Tanks of Georgetown, TX. The tank is equipped with 10 pumps that can flow of up to 7 knots, allowing first responders and others to train year-round for rescues in floods, swift-water situations and other water-rescue situations.
The facility allows for a variety of training scenarios, including different weather, water temperatures, obstacles, and rescue challenges, including simulated rescues at night.
Other features include:
  • Year-round training in clean, filtered water
  • Controllable water level, current, flow and direction
  • Ability to train with real submerged vehicles
  • Realistic lightning, thunder, rain, police sirens and lights
The Swift Water Rescue Training facility is located on FTCC’s 30-acre state-of-the-art Fire & Rescue Training complex on Tom Starling Road in Fayetteville.

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Cost: Instate $30 per person per day, Out of State $239 per person per day


Fire Training/Swift Water Training Facility
775 Tom Starling Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Hotel-Holiday Inn Express Hope Mills Out-of-State (Ask for State Rate)
3111 N Main St
Hope Mills, NC 28348