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Trenten Grigley

Trenten Grigley graduated with an associate of arts degree.











Trenten Grigley graduated from FTCC on May 17, 2024 with an Associate of Arts degree. Grigley was a part of the baseball program at FTCC for two years and plans to after graduation complete his internship with Metcon Inc and attend UNC Greensboro to continue his education in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. 

“My experience at FTCC was great; there were numerous resources that helped me have success in the classroom. The Instructors were very understanding and helpful when it came to my school work and extensions. They also assisted me in scheduling my classes to make sure I was on track to graduate. But my favorite part was being in the baseball program. We had so many ups and downs but when it was all said and done we could come together and fight for each other like a family. “

“The process getting into FTCC was easy. One of my high school teammates was already here and from there I got in contact with the coaches, came on a visit, applied online and then the rest was history. My plan after graduation is to complete my internship with Metcon Inc and then transfer to UNC Greensboro in the fall to earn my bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.”