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FTCC students and faculty traveled to Japan this month as part of the U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) grant program. During the visit, FTCC Dean of Arts & Humanities Dr. Kenjuana McCray will document the journey in a series of blog posts.

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Update 1: FTCC students, faculty visit Embassy with “Grandmother of Juneteenth”

A group of people wearing baseball jerseys stands in front of a roller coaster

FTCC students and faculty stand in front of a roller coaster in Japan.

Update 2: May 26, 2024 Baseball, brushing painting techniques, and traditional drums

On Wednesday, students from FTCC received a warm welcome from their counterparts at Kyoritsu University in Tokyo. A modest reception was organized for both groups, providing an opportunity for direct interaction. The students exchanged insights about their respective cultures and personal lives. Additionally, before attending a baseball game between the Yomiuri Giants and Chunichi Dragons, Yoichi Nagata delivered a lecture on Baseball Diplomacy. On Thursday, the students were introduced to Japanese brush painting techniques.

— Dr. Kenjuana McCray

A group of people pose for the camera in the stands at a baseball game.

Students from FTCC and Kyoritsu University attend a baseball game in Japan.

a group of people stand around a table looking at a scroll of Japanese brush painting art.

FTCC students and faculty learn about Japanese brush painting techniques.

A woman sitting at a table practices Japanese brush painting.

An FTCC student practices Japanese brush painting techniques.

A group of people play traditional Japanese drums.

FTCC students practices playing drums in traditional Japanese style.

A group of people pose in a hallway. Some of them hold drumsticks.

Students from FTCC and Kyoritsu University pose with drummers in Japan.