• Culinary arts

    Business (A55150)

    Culinary Arts

    This curriculum provides specific training required to prepare students to assume positions as trained culinary professionals.

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  • Businessman Holding Open Sign

    Business (A25490)


    The Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and the skills necessary for employment and growth as self-employed business owners.

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  • Male Supervisor Standing

    Business (A25110)

    Hospitality Management

    This curriculum prepares individuals to understand and apply the administrative and practical skills needed for supervisory and managerial positions in hotels, motels, etc.

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  • Counseling Services

    Business (A25830)

    Leadership Studies

    The Office Administra-tion curriculum prepares individuals for employ-ment as administrative office personnel .

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  • Manager Checking Documents

    Business (A25370G)

    Office Administration

    The Office Administra-tion curriculum prepares individuals for employ-ment as administrative office personnel .

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  • Student reviewing computer code

    Computer Information Technology (A25590B)

    IT/Database Management

    The Information Technology (IT) curriculum prepares graduates for employment in the technology sector.

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  • Network Administator Preparing Check

    Computer Information Technology (A25590A)

    IT/Network Administration

    Network Administration prepares students to install, configure, monitor, optimize, & troubleshoot enterprise grade routers, switches, servers, etc.

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  • Man and woman looking at monitor

    Computer Information Technology (A25590S)

    IT/Systems Security & Analysis

    This IT curriculum prepares graduates for employment in technology as support technicians, system administrators, developers, programmers, etc.

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  • Cyber attack

    Computer Information Technology (C25590C15)

    Cyber Crime Fundamentals

    The Information Technology (IT) curriculum prepares graduates for employment in the technology sector.

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  • Computerscreenwithimagesettings

    Computer Information Technology (C25590HA)

    Data Analysis Using SAS

    This certificate prepares students to use SAS data & procedure steps to create SAS data sets, do statistical analysis & general customized reports.

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  • Architect on site

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A40100)

    Architectural Technology

    This program prepares individuals to assist architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

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  • Automotive Systems Diagnostics

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A60160)

    Automotive Systems Technology

    The Automotive Systems Technology curriculum at FTCC is here to help individuals who are passionate about cars and are interested in a career that is both technical and rewarding.

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  • Civil Engineering Students working at table

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A40140)

    Civil Engineering Technology

    This course of study prepares students to use basic engineering principles & technical skills to carry out planning, documenting & supervising tasks in land de-velopment and public works and facilities projects.

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  • Mechanic using wrench

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A60130)

    Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology

    The Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology program prepares indi-viduals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, reconstruct and finish automobile bodies, fenders, and external features.

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  • Electrical Capacitor Chip

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A40200)

    Electronics Engineering Technology

    The Electronics Engineering Technology curriculum prepares students to apply basic engineering principles & technical skills to become technicians in a variety of fields.

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  • Industrial site

    Engineering & Applied Technology (A50240)

    Industrial Systems Technology

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  • Pharmacist using dosage mechanism

    Health Programs (A45580)

    Pharmacy Technology

    The Pharmacy Technology Program prepares students to assist the pharmacist in duties that a technician can legally perform.

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  • Respiratory Therapy Students

    Health Programs (A45720)

    Respiratory Therapy

    Students graduating as respiratory therapists will demonstrated competence in the cognitive, psychomotor & affective learning domains of respiratory care practice.

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  • Simulation lab participants

    Health Programs (A45730)

    Speech Language Pathology Assistant

    Graduates work under the supervision of a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, who evaluates, diagnoses, and treats individuals with various communication disorders.

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  • Vanessa Yepez | Fayetteville Tech Success Story

    Health Programs (A45740)

    Surgical Technology

    The Surgical Technology curriculum prepares individuals to assist in the care of the surgical patient in the operating room and to function as a member of the surgical team.

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  • Children drawing at table

    Public Service Programs (A55220)

    Early Childhood Education

    This curriculum prepares individuals to work with children from birth through eight in diverse learning environments.

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  • Fire fighters taming fire

    Public Service Programs (A55240)

    Fire Protection Technology

    This curriculum provides students with knowledge & skills in the technical, managerial, and leadership areas necessary for advancement within the fire protection community.

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  • Funeral Director Arranging Flowers

    Public Service Programs (A55260)

    Funeral Service Education

    The Funeral Service Education curriculum provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in basic funeral service skills.

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