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Corporate & Continuing Education Class Registration & Schedules

FTCC’s Corporate & Continuing Education Division offers class schedules to accommodate the busy lives of our students through daytime, evening, weekend, and online course offerings. View available courses and descriptions by selecting a schedule link.

Class Schedules (PDF format)

How to Register

There are three ways to register: online, by mail, and walk in.


Search for Classes
  1. Use WebAdvisor to register online.
  2. Select “Register & Pay for Continuing Education Classes” from the Registration section.
  3. Use the search field to find courses, or leave blank to view all courses available for online registration.
  4. Click “Submit” to retrieve search results.
  5. Select a course to view additional details such as course description, textbook information, and supply requirements.

If your class requires you to obtain a supply list from the Registration & Records office, please call 910-678-8386

Register for Selected Classes
  1. Check the box next to each desired course and click “Submit”.
  2. Fill out all required personal identification information noted in red and click “Submit”. Your full social security number is used for student identification purposes only and is required for registration.
  3. Complete the additional registration information on the following menu.
Pay for Classes
  1. To complete your online registration, select “Register Now (Check Out)” and choose your preferred method of payment.
  2. Enter your payment information and click “Continue” to receive your registration confirmation.
  3. Please print and keep the confirmation for your records.
Confirmation Email

Once your registration and payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the Registration & Records Office. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us 910.678.8386.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for Fayetteville Technical Community College’s Corporate & Continuing Education Division was established by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges in Raleigh on October 15, 1993 and updated May 16, 2014. The full refund policy is listed in the State Board of Community Colleges Code 1E SBCCC 900.2 with a brief statement of the policy below:

  1. A pre-registered student who officially withdraws from a Continuing Education class(es) prior to the first section meeting of the class will be eligible for a refund by completing an official request form. In order to be eligible for a 100 percent refund, it is required that a student’s drop request be made prior to the first class meeting and FTCC encourages students to request a drop at least 24 hours before the first class meeting.
  2. A 75 percent refund will be given if a student officially withdraws after the start of the class and prior to the 10 percent point of the class. This applies to all courses except a course that begins and ends on the same day. A refund shall not be granted after the start of a course that begins and ends on the same day.
  3. No refunds will be given after the 10 percent of class meetings.
Please note when you register & pay online:

If you are registering and paying for a class online, please note that the FTCC Business Office will be reviewing your record to ensure there are no unpaid expenses due on your account. If these are discovered, a representative from our BO will be in contact with you. For additional registration and payment questions, please call 910-678-8386 or 910-678-9846.

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