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It appears that the Trojans may have spent a little too much momentum in their big win over Richard Bland, as they faced the Pitt Bulldogs in the second game of the day in the double header with the women. They only looked like the giant beaters in brief spurts as they fell, 82-92, to Pitt.

Pitt was able to get two wins last year and this seemed to be the change to get the upper hand on the program. The Trojans were riding high and ready to continue their run into conference play. The Bulldogs had a different plan and seemed to dictate play through much of the first half. Jabari Bowman returned from his one game off to make five 3’s and CJ Miller was strong driving to the basket, however, these were only two who had much success for the Trojans. Brandon Faison, Jamens Ray, and Antonio Freeman were strong for the Bulldogs with 7, 8, and 12 pts., respectively. Although the Trojans led at the half, 45-41, they never really seemed to dictate the tempo or keep the bulldogs off their game: driving the ball to the Bigs, lead by Freeman in the block.

In just under 5 minutes, the Bulldogs were bale to gain the lead in the second half. The lead was never more than 5 pts., and the Trojans were able to tie the game at 67-67. At that point, the Bulldogs were able to maintain a slim lead until the last minute where they opened up the lead as the Trojans made rushed attempts at the basket. This sent the Bulldogs to the line where Faison was 8-10 on the night and closed out the game, 92-82. Faison was the driving force in the half, and the game, as he seemed to score at will, and no Trojan was effective guarding him. He had 37 pts. on the night with 30 of those in the second half. No Trojan seemed to jump out as a scoring threat, and poor free throw shooting, once again, kept valuable points off the board and could have made a difference. Tristen Rodriguez was held scoreless and spent most of the night on the bench. Bowman did not have the same effect in the second half with only 5 of his team high 23 pts. DJ McDonald and Dominique Rogers were strong on the boards and had key baskets, but were unable to establish any continuous presence to keep the Bulldogs defense working harder.

This is a tough conference and no team should be overlooked. As high they were for the #7 ranked Richard Bland Statesmen, they were low today, as they never really seemed to get that fire going against the Bulldogs. They must get that right, regardless of their opponent, to have the success they are capable of this year.

FTCC      45  37    82

PCC        41  51    92

FTCC      Hamer, 2, Adams, 8, Chavis, 1, Kuhns, 10, Bowman, 23, McDonald, 9, Roger, 4, Stover, 4, Miller, 20, Edwards, 2

3 Pt.       7, Kuhns, 1, Bowman, 6

Fouls     22, Haymer, 2, Adams, 3, Chavis, 1, Bowman, 2, McDonlad, 4, Roger, 4, Stover, 2, Miller, 3, Edwards, 1

PCC        Daniels, 2, Sims, 5, Smith, 4, Faison, 37, Ray, 8, Downing, 10, Freeman, 13, Yelverton, 11, Lyles, 2

3 Pt. 7, Faison, 5, Ray, 2

Fouls     19, Daniels, 3, McLean, 1, Sims, 1, Smith, 5, Faison, 2, Ray, 1, Downing, 3, Freeman, 1, Yelverton, 2