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The Lady Trojans opened a double header with the Men at home playing the Lady Dolphins of Brunswick CC. The Dolphins won both games last year by slim margins and returned many key players to their roster this year. That experience seemed key as they were able to slip out with a win, 59-58.

The Trojans had a balanced effort through the first two quarters and were led by the leading scorers of the season. Dejah Horne and Amarilis Floyd, each with 5 pts. in the first quarter, and Horne added 5 more in the second. In the second quarter, the Trojans were able to get the ball inside and involve Chania Troy, Tyra Evans, and Daisy Moses. The solid play and balanced attack had the Trojans leading 33-24 at the half. Katisha Hyman matched Horne with 10 pts. for the Dolphins, who scored a third of their pts. from the line.

The Dolphins showed a renewed effort in the third quarter as they scored 21 pts. to take a lead into the fourth, 45-42. Briana James and Horne hit the only two baskets from the floor, both 3’s, as the Dolphin defense forced several turnovers and rushed shots. A couple offensive fouls seemed also to hamper drives to the basket, and outside shots were just not going in. Floyd, who leads the team with the most 3’s this year, did not make any in the second half.

The fourth quarter opened with Moses making 3-4 from the line to give the Trojans a slim lead. Horne hit a 3 that seemed to spark a real run for the team. This was short lived as the Dolphins once again forced turnovers and Danielle Brissom made several key baskets. The last several minutes had the teams change lead three times. With just over a minute to play, BCC forward, Lakita Basnight, fell to the floor while the Trojan players forced a held ball. She struck her head and was attended to until emergency services could get her from the floor. Basnight was the driving force in the second half for the Dolphins with 10 of her 12 pts.

When play resumed, the Dolphins had only two seconds to get the ball across mid court. With the Trojans trailing by a point, Troy was able to deflect and recover the inbound pass and start a play for the Trojans. Horne laid the ball in on a drive to put the Trojans ahead again. The Dolphins were unable to convert on their end, and as the ball was brought up-court, Genesis Bernard was fouled and sent to the line. With a 1 pt lead, she was unable to make either shot and the Dolphins had 11 seconds to get the ball up-court. They were able to get a timeout with 6 seconds at midcourt. An inbound pass to Brissom was all she needed to start her drive to the basket. She made the shot and the Trojans were unable to get a shot off before time expired.

This series has had three very close games and looks to be the beginning of a good rivalry within the conference. The Trojans have players to make it happen; they just need to play all four quarters.

FTCC      15  18  10  15      58

BCC        10  14  21  14      59

FTCC      Troy, 6, Horne, 19, Floyd, 9, McElvine, 2, Inman, 2, T. Evans, 4, B. Evans, 1, Moses, 5, Bernard, 5, James, 10

3 Pt.       6, Horne, 4, Floyd, 1, James, 1

Fouls     25, Troy, 4, Horne, 4, Floyd, 3, McElvine, 2, Inman, 3, T. Evans, 2, B. Evans, 2, Moses, 3, James, 2

BCC        Brissom, 7, Raynor, 5, Malone, 3, Harrison, 2, Basnight, 12, Mitchell 2, Robinson, 4, Houston, 6, Hyman, 18

3 Pt.       Hyman, 1

Fouls     23, Brissom, 3, Raynor, 3, Malone, 3, Basnight, 3, Mitchell, 3, Robinson, 2, Houston 3, Hyman, 3