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Assistant General Manager

Fayetteville, NC | Warehouse / Distribution

The purpose of the Assistant General Manager role is to relieve a high potential Operations Manager from their day-to-day responsibilities so they can dedicate their time to shadowing and learning how to become an effective General Manager. The time in this training role will last approximately nine to fifteen months, depending on the individual.  The Assistant General Manager will be assigned to a Tier One Customer site or a larger site with multiple customers.

Quality Auditor

Fayetteville, NC |Warehouse / Distribution

Responsible for the accurate checking or counting of all products for both inbound and outbound freight. 

Forklift Operator

Fayetteville, NC, | Warehouse / Distribution

The Forklift Operator is responsible for operating material handling equipment for the purpose of moving, locating, relocating, stacking and counting merchandise. The Operator is accountable for the safe and efficient operation of the forklift and may also be required to perform order filler or order checker duties in addition to his or her own.

Quality Supervisor

Fayetteville, NC | Warehouse / Distribution

The Quality Supervisor leads and directs the team of Quality Auditors. Ensures process & product audits are being conducted. Investigates and reports on daily quality issues. Oversees the procedures and the Document Control System. Administers the Corrective Action System.

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