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Caleb Richardson, Double Exposure
Illustrative Imaging Summer 2022
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FTCC’s Advertising and Graphic Design students are spending the Summer semester taking their Adobe Photoshop skills to the next level. Students in this summer’s Illustrative Imaging combine their knowledge of tools and techniques in Photoshop with their unique creativity skills to produce custom Double Exposure and Fantasy Composite graphics.

“The great thing about Graphic Design is that there are so many right answers!” Department Chair Jennifer Fisher says. “I give the same assignment and requirements to all students, and get so many different results. I love seeing how students get to apply their creativity and personal perspectives to these works. 

Fisher says the students get to experiment with a variety of techniques that bring their creative visions to life while prioritizing appropriate building methods and non-destructive editing techniques. 

The Advertising and Graphic Design program offers students the opportunity to develop robust skills using industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud programs combined with creativity to produce a variety of digital art and design materials.

Interested in schedule an Advertising and Graphic Design? Schedule an in-person or virtual session with Fisher to learn more about the program and how to sign up by using this link: