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Each year the FTCC Athletic Department will select a Trojan of the Year. This person will exemplify the contributions made to the success of Athletics at FTCC for that year. The person may be a student, athlete, supporter, staff, or faculty member that has participated in some way with the program. Input will be sought from members of the program and an annual decision made. The recipient will be recognized at the Athletic Banquet.

This year was very tough to decide, but one person edged ahead of the others. I would like to mention a few key persons, and there are many more that helped in so many ways to get the Trojans started this year. A few names and noted assistance: Harper Shackelford, coordinated opening night tail gaiter and half time entertainment, Qadeerah Rasheed, Kinetic Dancers and back up sound tech, Gerald Daniel, Concessions and facility support, Rex Perry, score table assistance, Roderick Gooden, sound support tech, Tom Hatch, Reid Ross principal, Hope Myers, social media and webpage support, Brad Losh, portraits and in-game photos, Margaret Silverest, game programs, FTCC Instructors, all of the donors to the Trojan Athletic Fund, Dr. Keen and the FTCC Executive Council and Trustees. Again, there were many more that helped and I am grateful to each.

This year, the Trojan of the Year is Ann Jones. She stepped in and coordinated registration for the student-athletes before the semester, during add period, and continually monitored their registrations so each student-athlete had eligibility. She worked very closely with Financial Aid to make sure that there were few issues. In addition to all of this, she took in the admissions money at games and allowed the student-athletes to see her when they needed some extra time and support. She was not easy on these student-athletes and insisted that they work toward taking care of themselves. An was a great advocate for and friend of Trojans in their inaugural seasons. She is recognized for these and many more reasons!

Thank you Ann Jones, 2017 Trojan of the Year!