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Trojan Men’s Golf Wins Cougar Classic  

The FTCC Trojans won the Cougar Classic hosted by Central Carolina Community College, April 3-4 at Anderson Creek Golf Club.  Four teams and one partial team competed over the two days.  The men had played in four straight days of golf prior to the match and were able to win despite not being as fresh as they wished.  These two days included rain, shine and wind and were a good test of golf. 

This was the final golf match of the year for the Trojans.  Due to NJCAA rules, FTCC cannot have a postseason team in its first year as an NJCAA member.  Next year the team can compete for the region championship and a bid to the NJCAA National Tournament.

Trojan scores were:        Austin Sandford, 88. 77, 165

                                                Andrew Harmon, 79, 87, 166

                                                Tyler Fox, 80, 86, 166

                                                Trey Strickland, 86, 84, 170

                                                Colten Lawler, 110, NS

FTCC Trojans:                                     667

Wake Tech Eagles:                           685

Central Carolina Cougars:             717

Patrick Henry Patriots:                   725

The Trojan women competed in the tournament as individual golfers as did three women from Richard Bland College.  Five men from Central Carolina, Richard Bland and FTCC competed as individuals a well.

FTCC Women:   Kim Beamer, 126, 127, 253

                                Haley Johnson, 129, 127, 256

                                Lora Walters, 100, NS

Wake Tech: Min Kim, 164, Jaylon Lin, 180, Grayson Keifer, 170, Blake Ellis, 171, Houston Barnhill, 185

Central Carolina, Chris Brown, 169, Dillon Fail, 170, Tyler North, 187, Travis Zyckiewicz, 192, David Smith 197, Austin Machak, 196

Patrick Henry: Filip Ekenstrom, 170, Taylor Wall, 174, Bradley Wallace, 183, Julian Keso, 198

Richard Bland: Frankie Lin, 154, Sam Smith, 164, Zach Almarode, 184

FTCC: AJ Banko, 195

Richard Bland Women: Anna Carole Cole, 187, Savannah Porter, 214, Taylor Pope, 254