Are you advancing in the military or transitioning to the civilian workforce? FTCC is committed to your success! As the leader in Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), we specialize in articulating your military training to college level learning and credit.

FTCC Military Programs

Bragg Training & Education Center (BTEC)


Building 1-3571, Wing F
4520 Knox Street, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: 910-678-1050




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FTCC's Military Credit

Associate in General Education (AGE)

FTCC’s most popular and most flexible degree is the Associate in General Education (AGE), which allows you to capitalize on your credits earned through military training and transfer with ease to one of FTCC’s partner institutions for an advanced degree. Select your branch of service to see how you can capitalize on this option to reduce the time you will need to complete your degree.

Please select your MOS from the list below in order to see possible credit that will be applied to this degree based on your appropriate skill level. 

Air Force AGE

Army Intelligence Crosswalk

FTCC has reviewed the military training for specific intelligence military occupational specialties and articulated the credit into each of the three intelligence studies concentrations.

Select a tab to see how much credit you have already earned and which classes you will need to take or transfer in to FTCC to fulfill the degree requirements. Additional credit may be awarded for other intelligence courses and schools which you have completed after review by FTCC.

GEO Intelligence

Intelligence Studies GEO Intelligence

Associate in Applied Science

In addition to the Associates in General Education that is available for all military occupations and classifications, FTCC has articulated credit for military training into other associates degrees where the curriculum clearly aligns with the military occupation.

For example – Military Police, regardless of branch of service receive credit that clearly aligns with the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Technology. Take a look at your MOS and see what other degree options are available. The effort to articulate additional MOS/Military Occupations and degree plans is ongoing – so check back regularly to see what we have added!


Health and Fitness Science Degree

Health Care Management Degree

Hospitality Management Degree

IT Networking Management Degree

Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE)

Special Operations Radio Operators Course (SOROC)

Joint & Special Military Credit

In addition to FTCC’s Credit for Military Training and Associate in General Education pathways, we have also reviewed non MOS-producing courses and credit from selected MOS-producing schools and how this credit applies to technical degrees.

What are Flex Courses?

About Flex Courses

We understand that due to your military responsibilities, you often require an additional level of scheduling flexibility in order to earn your college degree.

Flex Courses are another way that Fayetteville Technical Community College provides flexible scheduling options.

These classes allow students the most flexibility in fitting courses around their busy schedules due to the flexibility of due dates.

Ideal for the Military

  1. Flexible & Affordable
  2. Fully Facilitated Course
  3. High Quality Instruction

Course Features

  1. Online Course Material
  2. Low eTextbook
  3. Interactive Lesson Presentations
  4. Audio/Visual Components
  5. Engaging Lesson Presentations
  6. Interactive Exercises & Quizzes to Check Your Understanding

Course Schedule

Please see a Military Services Specialist for registration in flex courses. If you need assistance contact or 910-678-1050.


Attendance Policy for Math & Science Classes

The student must:

• Complete 25% of the course by the 50% point of the term
• Complete 50% of the course by the 75% point of the term
• Have completed 50% of the course to request an Incomplete
• Actively participate in the course during each week of the term

Textbook Information

For textbook information for all other courses/sections not listed, please visit the FTCC Online Bookstore.

Military Specific Partnerships

Your FTCC degree is just the first step in your educational journey. We have partnered with numerous universities to provide seamless pathways for earning your bachelor’s degree. Consider pairing the American Council on Education (ACE) credits you earned through your military training and experience with FTCC courses to obtain an affordable, regionally accredited degree from FTCC and one of our partnering institutions.

Planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree? Find courses that are guaranteed to transfer to your Home College through the SOC DNS Guaranteed-Transfer Courses tool.

East Carolina University

BS – Business Education in Information Technologies
BS – Industrial Distribution and Logistics
BS – Industrial Technology
BA – Multidisciplinary Studies – Eastern Emphasis
BA – Multidisciplinary Studies – Eastern Religions Emphasis
BA – University Studies (self-designed, interdisciplinary degree)

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