Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is not a new trend, rather it is a standard management practice critical to all organizations. DE&I lays a solid foundation for an institution based on respect and welcoming of individuals’ differences. Diversity, equity and Inclusion matters to sustain a cohesive, collaborative, innovative, creative work environment driving our continued student success and College growth.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion brings positive benefits because it:

  • Is simply the right thing to do
  • Attracts creative talent to continuously improve
  • Promotes workplace sensitivity, open communication, and engagement
  • Allows for diverse views creating better decisions through improved understanding
  • Brings positive changes and College growth

A Key Component of our Strategic Planning

The College’s service area, consisting of Cumberland County, NC and Fort Bragg, NC, includes a diversely populated area. The College shall respond to the needs of its diverse student population and prepare students to become leaders and thriving citizens supporting a diverse and multicultural society. The College’s educational experience will cultivate the skills needed by FTCC graduates to function proficiently in an ever-changing global marketplace and economy promoting the values of DE&I.Dsc 4285

Diversity Awareness is a key component of a quality education and all curriculum and continuing education programs shall include DE&I awareness in their program of study. The College’s Diversity Plan reaffirms our institutional values and is designed to offer College departments guidance and focus while setting courses of action to celebrate the College’s diversity, equity and inclusion awareness. These diversity strategies are intended to provide a framework for developing practices that support a diverse faculty, staff, administration, and student body leading to a stronger learning environment through use of the principles of DE&I.

Institutional-Level Diversity Plan Strategies

  • Maintain an awareness of diversity, equity and inclusiveness supporting educational access, retention, and student success through an active outreach throughout the College’s local service area.pole-farm
  • Support a student body reflective of diversity within the service area by providing support services, as needed, for student success.
  • Provide support to faculty, staff and administration providing a quality education experience to students.
  • Use varying course modality methods to better meet the diverse learning styles of students, strengthening the College’s learning environment, student success validated through achievement of student learning outcomes.
  • Develop external relationships and partnerships with community residents, businesses, governmental agencies, or higher education institutions to celebrate DE&I awareness events.

FTCC Mission Statement

“Serve our community as a learning-centered institution to build a globally competitive workforce that supports economic development”

2020-2021 Diversity Committee


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