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Summerscapes is a program designed for school-age children offering educational and self-enrichment learning opportunities during the summer months. While face-to-face classes will not be held during Summerscapes 2020, we’ve made a variety of fun and interactive online classes available! Click the ‘Course Schedules’ tab for detailed course information and schedules.

We look forward to a summer full of learning with you!

Summerscapes Art

This is Sherry Young, a Summerscapes Art Instructor.  Ms. Young taught art in elementary and middle school for a number of years.
FTCC Summerscapes provides a variety of art classes which allow students to express their creativity.  Join Ms. Young as she shares creative tips for enjoying the visual arts!

Summerscapes Information

The Community College can offer these self-supporting courses only during the summer, so take advantage of these enjoyable, inexpensive learning opportunities for your child.


You may register your child at the Records and Registration Office in the Neill Currie Center for Continuing Education at 2201 Hull Road. When registering for classes, please fill out the necessary forms at the registration window.
Note: Summerscapes registration closes at 12:00 noon on Fridays for classes beginning the following week.

Drop Off/Pick Up

For security purposes, you will be required to accompany your child to and from the classroom each day. There is a sign-in and sign-out sheet that is required for the release of the children and since we do not provide childcare between classes please do not drop your children off early. Also, the children will need to be picked up promptly after class ends. Failure to pick up a child immediately after the end of class may result in a dismissal of the student from the program. Summerscapes students are covered under the existing accident insurance policy. You are welcome to stay in the building where your child’s class is, but we ask that you do not remain in the classroom.


Classes are held at various on and off campus locations to include the Continuing Education Center (CEC), Horace Sisk (HOS), Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Virtual College Center (VCC), and the Horticulture Education Center (HEC).


Please note that some of the classes have a supply fee and others require that supplies be brought to class. These additional fees will be kept as low as possible. See class descriptions for details.


Our office is ready to assist you! Call 910-678-8309 for details!

Summerscapes Cooking, Baking & Decorating

This is Rosanna Bonilla, a Wilton Certified Cake Instructor! 
FTCC Summerscapes provides many classes for kids to include cooking, baking, and cake decorating classes. Ms. Bonilla teaches many of these classes and in this video, she provides some helpful cake decorating tips!